British armed forces: fairly Tory lot?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Monserrat, Jul 20, 2008.

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  1. The conservatives have always been the pro-military, forces singing party in British history, but do you vote Tory at elections?

    Labour hasn't exactly ripped up the forces and just before the falklands during the tory years there where some big cut backs, but pound for pound the forces personnel should really be a conservative voting organisation?
  2. My vote is for my knowledge only.

    However I'll throw you a bone. I'd rather vote in Mugabe than Gordon Brown.
  3. Vote for who you like, the point of the thread isnt to have a chat about keeping your vote to yourself but the politics of the uk armed forces. if you dont want to reveal your voting behaviour that dont participate in the thread its that easy.
  4. Thats a pretty sweeping argument, I dont think the forces are aligned to any particular political party. Personal preferences will vary as much as civvy street, and certainly there is no pressure to vote for any particular party.

    It was natural for me to vote against the Labour government in the '70's when pay rises were more than outstripped by the doubling of the costs of food and accomodation, but that was a personal choice.

    Main thing to be concerned at is that those serving overseas are able to exercise the vote that they are fighting so hard to protect, IIRC the last General Election was a total c*ck up in regard to forces votes.
  5. Cheers Boss - Thanks for letting me know m'lord.

    I'll take it onboard sir!
  6. The way this government is treating us (and everyone else) is it any surprise that it have very little support in the members of the forces?

    If you sh1t on people, they are very unlikely to vote for you at an election.
  7. That's not really true is it? Do you really think the conservative party gives two hoots about the rank and file from council estates and the barren north and west? Does it hell. Home counties and hofficers are welcome but not unwashed ORs.

    No political party is actually pro soldiers when the shiite hits the fan, only when it suits their propaganda at the time.
  8. It was the Tories who wrecked the Forces. Labour have just got it down to a fine art, that's all.
  9. Care to elaborate?
  10. when they join the forces yes i do think they give two hoots because the tories have always been the party of patriotism, nationhood etc, of course in modern times it is difficult for tories to espouse such sentiments so often due to allegations of jignonism and out of touch, etc, thats why new labour feel free to pick up those votes by draping themselves in the union flag, a flag of course they hate, despise and ridicule via policy. Tories aint perfect but they are the best party of government from a serviceman's perspective, surely.
  11. It has to be said, bisexual, tree hugging lentil munchers don't tend to be attracted to a career in the armed forces.
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    Options for Change.
  13. How old are you, Monserrat? I doubt if you're old enough to remember the days when Maggie's Mob cut back forces spending to the point where troops were leaving in droves, clapped-out airframes were having their OSD's extended, and we had to delay the sale of naval vessels (sales that her administration had ordered) in order to deploy on operations, Options for Change and the so-called 'Peace Dividend'.

    So no, the Cons don't have a good history of supporting the Forces. It just looks like it from the perspective of how the incumbent government have mis-handled everything other than lentil-eating Lesbian collectives.
  14. Im old enough to remember and if you read my initial post you will notice that I commented on thatchers early years. How can you casually write off hundreds of years of tory history because of one term of thatcherite policy? Nevertheless lets look at the falklands war. i very much doubt former pm tony blair would have conducted the exercise the same way as thatcher/tories did.
  15. 'The Forces'. Quite right. We are born civies, become miltary for x amount of years then become civies again with worse attitudes but better perspectives! It is easy to favour or opose a party based on what is most important to you at a specific period in your life. However, IMveryHO more of what affects us post mil. life is ignored during our mil. careers. What I'm trying to say is I'd vote for a party who is looking after ALL of it's subjects both civilian and military regardless of what that party is. Unfortunately the Govt. sides up to safe votes which sometimes makes life very difficult for some.
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