British armed forces are the best in the World

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Dec 23, 2006.

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  1. among the best, but not number 1.

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  2. among the best, not worse than others.

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  3. absolutely the best, better that others

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  4. A b**** of f****** c****

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  5. not as good as many think

  6. not something special. Mean level.

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  7. only better than many others.

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  1. In the poll conducted recently the public were asked the extent to which they agree with the statement that "The British Army is among the best in the world" - 36% strongly agree, and 44% tend to agree. Just 2% disagreed with this statement.

    It would be intersting to know an opinion of British sevice(wo)men.

    Note, that the last option is added for those who doesn't hold HM armed forces in high esteem. Absolutely disagree with it.
  2. At its current size it is somewhat sub-optimal and rather as Kaiser Wilhelm put it in 1914

    rather small............a British failing which has forced it throughout history to seek Continental Allies...............until 1870 Prussia, and thereafter France, and failing France, the USA to balance its entry into every major war with subscale forces...........but for the British Empire its slowness in building up sufficient strength would have been fatal.

    You Russians maintain your armies too big, we British maintain them too small
  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    True,But we British have the ability to make do with very little.
  4. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    No - what we do is become known as the borrowers to maintain the level we do.

    Whilst a smaller, more agile army is what the policians aspire to (for cost) and other comments of "doing more with less" from the CoC no less (we have enough threads about the CoC selling us down the river) , the age old statement of quantity has a quality all to itself, still rings true.

    Yes, we are good and probably man for man at least as well trained as anyone else in the world but.....

    No 1 in the world? Sadly not a chance these days
  5. I think we have the best trained soldiers in the world but in some respects our equipment lets us down. So yes, we have the best soldiers in the world but not the best army.
  6. i put 'absolutely the best, better that others' but if these cuts continue then it will undoutibly god to ratsh1t
  7. Sergey,

    Purely because it is you, I voted "The best..."

    I don't necessarily believe it because I don't think we are sufficiently well-resourced for what we are trying to do!

    And I don't want to be around when we come up against a bigger boy in the playground!

  8. I understand you Litotes. Maybe... maybe you are right and the answer depends on the questioner.

    Frankly speaking I expected that option #2 would be the most popular.
  9. Totally agree.

    Best Soldiers
    Mediocre Army
    Poor Government

    Get a new government that will invest and support a suffering Armed Forces!
  10. TV documentary, over 2 decades ago filmed during Ex "Crusader 80" - some Yank soldier commented to the BBC "the Brits - best trained, worst equipped Army in the world"

    Some things never change?
  11. With the numbers we have and the job we do, will always stand above the rest.
  12. So what you are basically saying is that being overstretched makes us the best.
  13. No we are a small force, that stands above the rest. and does the best job
  14. We are a good force. Not the best anymore in my opinion and are slowly falling south. We aren't the boys who re took the falklands anymore and sadly we are just living on the reputation of the boys that did.
  15. What a load of rubbish. That may well be the case in your unit but the young toms in Para Regt are just as good as their forebearers as they proved in Afghanistan. TBH i was of your frame of mind until a few months ago.