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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ex-scalyback, Apr 4, 2011.

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  1. As stated in my previous posts on Arrse I plan on re-joining as an AT (if they will have me), but as a back up I am currently looking at British Antarctic Survey - Homepage. Does anyone have experience with them and what are they looking for in a candidate?

    The terms set out in the adverts seem to be vague, and it would be a great fall back if the army say no. Any help would be ace or at least a pointer in the right direction.

    Cheers all
  2. They look for a lot of mental resilience. You could be stuck 'down south' for a year or two at a time.

    I am not BAS, but I have been to Antarctica and my old man spent many years in BAS. He left as a station commander and took part in interviewing candidates. He is away currently, but when he is back I'll ask for some info.
  3. I had the email address to the recruiting bod their froma few years ago if you want to try... she never replied back mind, and I had to go down in person.

    What positions are you llooking at?
  4. Well looking for anything really, suppose Communications Manager or something along those lines. Might be cheeky and apply for station commander, they are looking for a lot of people at the moment. With regards to mental resilience I would say I'm well suited as I'm a hermit most of the time anyway ^^
  5. ex-scalyback PM sent
  6. Comms managers don't come up that often, so get amongst it now.
  7. I did a course with a Royal Signals WO2 a couple of years ago. He'd returned from Antarctica the day before after spending 5 months or so there. He was part of a geological team purely because he had extreme cold weather experience and a few sneaky comms courses too. He rated it as "The best time of my entire life"
  8. Was he winged up and ever so slightly gwar?
  9. Nearly finished the application now, fingers crossed just doing cover letter and CV. Cheers all.
  10. No, he was ex AMF. Knew you from years ago. He's got an MBE.
  11. Don't suppose he was posted RSS in around 2000?
  12. I don't know mate. All I know is that he was a foreman or yeoman of sigs.
  13. couple of my mates have had the pleasure of being the REME attached air techs, as above both loved it. mad ******* took mess dress down and had a photo taken at the south pole new years day 2000!! I was in the falklands at the time shock of my life when they "popped in" to have a pint on the way down.