British Antarctic Survey saved

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Yokel, Nov 3, 2012.

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  1. British Antarctic Survey saved after outcry - Telegraph

    Apart from the issues relating to understanding climate change and other environmental issues, the UK needs to avoid giving the impresion of being in retreat. It also needs things such as this which highlight the high levels of scientific and technical expertise that we have.
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  2. And as I am currently angling at job with BAS, they MUST keep running.

    I fancy a year long snow ball fight :D
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  3. In science the UK in more of a rout than a retreat I'm afraid. A lot of that has to do with short sighted government penny pinching and a shocking lack of interest in science. The last few governments were just as bad.

    It's a pity, a research base is not created easily and the UK while still very innovative was once much stronger compared to its peers. Bumbling along on the cheap is part of the British national character, it actually makes for rather ingenious scientists, but there are limits especially when a downside of high finance's dominant postion in UK PLC s effectively a brain drain from more socially useful areas that actually add value.
  4. How will you keep your post rate up?
  5. do you still get the polar medal?
  6. Very jealous, I would have loved to have done that whilst I was in. Probably no need for Police types though, I don't suppose the crime rate is that high.
  7. If Chocolate_Frog was to get the BAS gig, his enforced colleagues would be utilising the safety rifle on a regular basis to ease their suffering, thousands of penguins would be throwing themselves into leopard seals' gobs and the ice sheets would be shrieking out for boiling water.

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  8. I agree this - we are one of the world leaders in objective scientific research, and that position should be maintained - as long as they do not mention that global warming is responsible for everything, and that we need to cut down on our CO2 emissions ...
  9. I think all of this CO2 and carbon emissions malarky is bollocks.

    Did the end of the last ice age occur because Neanderthal man was revving the tits off his Mk 2 Golf GTI after finishing a shift at the local coal fuelled power station?
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  10. Perhaps he hadn't thawed yet?
  11. Sorry, let me understand this correctly.

    We, Britain, are considering removing our presence from a disputed area of land in the (extreme) South Atlantic?

    Oh, right, crack on. It's just I've got this feeling....I'm sure I've seen this one before somewhere?
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  13. We manufacture stuff?
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    In spite of it, yes.