British and Irish Lions Team

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by royalmile, Mar 24, 2009.

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  1. Now that the dust is slowly settling after the 6N attention turns to who will be going to SA this summer. Possible squad:

    Full-backs: L Byrne (Wales), R Kearney (Ireland),
    Utility Backs: C Paterson (Scotland), J Hook (Wales)
    Wings: S Williams (Wales), T Bowe (Ireland), T Evans (Scotland), L Fitzgerald (Ireland).
    Centres: B O'Driscoll (Ireland), G Henson (Wales), T Shanklin (Wales), R Flutey (England).
    Fly-halves: R O'Gara (Ireland), S Jones (Wales),
    Scrum-halves: M Phillips (Wales), M Blair (Scotland), H Ellis (England)
    Props: G Jenkins (Wales), E Murray (Scotland), P Vickery (England), A Jones (Wales), A Sheridan (England)
    Hookers: R Ford (Scotland), J Flannery (Ireland), M Rees (Wales).
    Locks: P O'Connell (Ireland and CAPTAIN), A-W Jones (Wales), S Shaw (England), N Kennedy (England).
    Flankers: M Williams (Wales), D Wallace (Ireland), J Worsley (England), A Strokosch (Scotland), S Ferris (Ireland).
    No 8s: J Heaslip (Ireland), R Jones (Wales).
  2. Royalmile

    So FEW England players - now you know that won't be countenanced at a high level
  3. won't it just be the engerland team with a few Celts thrown in as usual

    i mean they were the best team as usual were'nt they????
  4. Worsley? Lets be serious for a second; Haskell and Croft are far better players and offer much more potential as future Lions. I can't fathom why Worsley is still in the England squad :?
  5. Read quite a few newpaper articles at the weekend and even the ex-England superstars tended not to expect as many fellow Englishmen on the squad as in previous years. the concensus was that there's a lot of developing players and that their day would come.
  6. This is a good 'un.
    Even these guys can't agree.
    No problem with fewer England players this time round, getting better as a team, but lots of young 'uns with not enough experience. Worsley rates for his experience and heart, would not let the Lions down if included.
    Ireland and Wales should be deservedly well represented after the last & Nations, but who should be in for Scotland? Apart from Evans and Paterson I haven't really seen anyone up to standard, and after saturday would be pushed to include any of them in a Lions Team.
  7. Worsley is a quality player and very, very influential in England's turnaround. vickery ought not to be allowed within fifty miles of Heathrow on the day the Lions depart - in case he infects them with his lack of zest, discipline and commitment...
  8. I am Welsh and hold no brief for any Englishman, but I agree with Cuddles. Worsley is quality. The Lions will face a hard trip to South Africa. The players selected will need to be talented, but physically and psychologically robust. Worsley falls into that category. Many of the current English side do not. They are far too prone to indiscipline of the sort that loses their team matches and they should not be allowed anywhere near the Lions squad, even in a midweek role.

    Flutey and Shaw ... yes
    Borthwick, Tindall, Armitage, Flood, Care, anyone yellow carded .... no.

    We have the potential to put together a very good, talented and robust team. I look forward to seeing it.

    O'Driscoll for captain. I don't see how it could be anyone else.
  9. I'm Scottish and proud of it but you surely are joking when thinking of Paterson. There is no doubting his kicking but the rest of his game is pretty dismal.

    So, on that bombshell he's out. McGeehan, take note!
  10. Here it is, just announced:
    Lions squad:
    Forwards: Jamie Heaslip (Ireland), Andy Powell (Wales), David Wallace (Ireland), Stephen Ferris (Ireland), Alan Quinlan (Ireland), Joe Worsley (England), Martyn Williams (Wales), Alun-Wyn Jones (Wales), Paul O'Connell (Ireland), Donnacha O'Callaghan (Ireland), Simon Shaw (England), Nathan Hines (Scotland), Gethin Jenkins (Wales), Adam Jones (Wales), Andrew Sheridan (England), Phil Vickery (England), Euan Murray (Scotland), Jerry Flannery (Ireland), Lee Mears (England), Matthew Rhys (Wales)

    Backs: Lee Byrne (Wales), Ron Kearney (Ireland), Shane Williams (Wales), Leigh Halfpenny (Wales), Ugo Monye (England), Luke Fitzgerald (Ireland), Tommy Bowe (Ireland), Tom Shanklin (Wales), Jamie Robert (Wales), Brian O'Driscoll (Ireland), Keith Earls (Ireland), Ricki Flutey (England), Ronan O'Gara (Ireland), Stephen Jones (Wales), Mike Phillips (Wales), Harry Ellis (England), Tomas O'Leary (Ireland)
  11. And a link to take you there:

    Lions team
  12. Don't want to blow my own trumpet (well, I do really):

    That is the heart of McGeechan's thinking. Thus 27 from Ireland and Wales, only 8 from England. Worsley had to go.

    Which is why I was bang on the money there

    But I got that one wrong!
  13. Now I think the big question is if the squad is a good well-rounded talented squad capable of playing at the highest level and winning the tests.
    I don't think I am going to dispute the choices and rather than say that 'x' should have been included, (and you can never take all those who merit being in the team, like Croft) I would address each individual and ask if can he do a good job for the Lions. On balance I can't see anyone who is likely to let them down.
    It now hinges on team selection.

    Looking forward to it I must say.
  14. Squad is dreadful.

    Main gripes:

    1) Too many similar players (Quinlan / Powell)

    2) Geech has obviously picked players who are not on form, contrary to what he said he would do: Shane Williams, for example, or Andy Powell (one trick pony, didn't even start for Cardiff last weekend).

    3) No Plan B - Edwards' comments seem to indicate the plan will be to play negatively, try to contain SA and stop them scoring tries, then attempt to sneak it with decent kicking etc. So they've picked a bunch of heavy-duty forwards and two steady but unspectacular 10s. There's no spark.

    4) No Croft - the lineout is their main weapon, so much so that they kick for touch knowing that they can challenge opposition throws. Cut them off at source, at the lineout, and it would send shockwaves through their team. No Kennedy, the best lineout operator in the GP, and no Croft, who also offers speed around the field. Big error.

    5) No Armitage - symptomatic of public perception that English players are inferior to their Celtic rivals, England's best back has been left out.

    England scored twice as many tries as Wales in the 6N, and more than Ireland. England also had the best defensive record (and that is apparently a key preoccupation with the coaching team).

    Easter had the most carries, Mears the best throwing record (95%), Vickery made more tackles than any other prop, and Sheridan made more yards than any other loosehead.

    Just seems counterintuitive to pick so few Englishmen, yet there are five Ospreys in the squad, a team that is widely regarded as being in terrible form. There are 4 English sides in the latter stages of the two European cups, and only 1 Welsh. England finished second in the 6N, Wales 4th. I'm half welsh, and pleased to see playerslike halfpenny in there, who I rate, but there are some really strange selections.

    I predict 3-0 to the Saffers - Geech's planning seems to be based around the notion that we're playing the 97 side but the current Boks have come on a lot since then, and can play any sort of game they want to.
  15. And a plethora of Scots I do see. Comensurate with their 6 Nations performances of course :D