British and french to share carriers

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by imac55, Aug 31, 2010.

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  1. Reports in Times and Sky News that Royal Navy and French to share their carriers, this paves the way for SDR to cut by 1 the RN future carriers. Scenario springs to mind:- French stepping up to the mark and allowing us to use their carrier for operations - NEVER. Hard enough to get French workers to do a days work without a strike or two but getting their forces to man up and do their share is an impossible proposition. Win win situation for le french and another kick in the slats for our forces.
  2. Cut by one? In other words... Build one.

    I call bollocks.
  3. It could be a very good mergeing of skills. The French can handle the reversing of the ships and catering.

    That said, last time our fleets tried joint ops it did not end well....

    Attack on Mers-el-Kébir - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Hundreds of years of sinking every French ship we see has sort of engrained itself in to the Roya Navy's psyche, I suppose.

    Maybe we could have a joint Army Corps too? It could lead to some good names.

    1415 Combined Air Squadron. The 1812 Combined Bn REME/French mob.
  4. As far as I can see the proposal is actually about co-operation to ensure one of the three carriers is at sea at all times, be it French or British
    Nothing to do with physically sharing carriers. Nobody is stupid enough to think the UK and France can take turns at having custody of the aircraft carrier alternate months.
    In the absence of any hard news of what the SDSR is going to bring they are publishing sensationalist bollox that means nothing
  5. Build two and flog one to India. Sounds perfectly plausable to me given that the Tories seem to planning to gut HMF wholesale. One carrier is as good as having none because you can't afford to lose it.
  6. The Indian's have their own homebuilt carrier program ongoing...I think they want to help kick start large scale ship building in India with it, so I doubt an off the shelf buy fit in wit that idea.
  7. What difference does it make. If they have the carrier at sea when it is needed for operations then "full reverse at warp speed" will be the fastest order ever given. No one suggesting our guys crew the french boat.
  8. Yet more fluff and media hype pieces to scare up the population. Interesting how its migrated from the Telegraph to the Times though
  9. We may not physically share the carriers but if ours is in refit or unavailable and the op was not in the french interest ........... voila!
    Reading a report on Thorium being used as a substitute for Uranium for nuclear power which could solve the worlds power problems and EU dosh for research vetoed the french ................. vested interests come above all else with the frogs.
  10. Hmmmm, then it would make sense for the RN to buy the Naval version of Rafale??
    (Don's battle bowler, runs and hides)
  11. but then Aker decided to develope it in the UK.....Anyway, no one really know's if the Thorium system will work as advertised.
  12. Discussed ad infinitum in the 'RN to buy F/A-18 instead of F35 thread.

    Basically, if we wanted a non F35 to chuck off carriers, FA18 is better than Rafale. Plus this carrier sharing thing is fluff anyway
  13. I don't think it's that bad an idea seeing as so far the French Navy has shown us up against the Somalian's

    French navy captures 6 men after pirate attack | Reuters

    Pirates attack French Navy ship

    AFP: French navy foils Somali pirate attack: military

    BBC NEWS | World | Africa | French warship captures pirates

    Fred Fry International: French Navy Catches 22 Pirates & Mothership - Photos

    Whereas our navy gave them food and directions to the nearest merchant ship

    Navy gives pirates food and water... then lets them sail off scot free | Mail Online

    Pirates move Chandlers as militants 'give chase' - Africa, World - The Independent

    Royal Navy seeks powers to arrest Somali pirates - Telegraph

    considering our naval interests are the same in most places of the the idea is no more alien tha a British US taskforce working together.
    I did it a Naval post with no i-pod jokes.

  14. Yes but its a fairly sensational headline isn't it? Once over you could have expected better from The Times
  15. Yeah, but that way the Royal Navy was free to hunt for French Warships to sink.