British and French navies plan major exercise for 2012

Ministry of Defence said:
The flagships of the Royal Navy and the Marine nationale are lined up to work side-by-side next year to demonstrate the progress made between the two fleets.

The link up was agreed by the First Sea Lord, Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope, and his French counterpart, Amiral Bernard Rogel, who have met twice recently - once in Paris and once at the US Navy-led International Sea Power Symposium on Rhode Island

Never heard of Skyping then? Saves the planet with less pollution and leaves Brit Mil will a few quid saved on journeys.


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Or Oran :)
They'll win, we have no air power.

Which of our vessels will be playing HMS Prince of Wales and Repulse?
This is the flagship we're sending...

She's the only one left.
Will it be a real battle or will we use computers?
You'd have thought after Trafalgar they wouldn't want to play us again.
"…In addition to the international effort in the Gulf of Sirte, 2011 has seen the Cougar 11 Task Group - the first test of the UK RFTG since it was formed under last year's Defence Review - work with the French patrol ship FS Commandant Birot, while just this month assault ship HMS Bulwark hosted 130 troops from 2nd Marine Infantry Regiment (2RIMa), plus all their equipment, for the latest Joint Warrior exercise in northwest Scotland…"

That must have been a worrying moment or two for the Surrender Monkeys, last time an A69 corvette crossed the Path of the Royals, it got shot full of 7.62, 66's and Charlie G rounds.;P

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