British and Aussie Soldier requesting support

Hello everybody,

I am having a couple of Soldiers who are working with a smal coalition team in Iraq. They are jointly working to defeat (some) of the IED threat to all of our forces as well as the Iraqi and Afghani people.

They requested following items:

Since you asked (and thanks so very much for this) here is what we would really like, any of these items in any number would be great (that and your thoughts and prayers, and best wishes)

* Plastic stick on the wall (3M type) hooks (assorted sizes) so we can hang stuff up
* Personal hygiene items (soap, little bottles of shampoo) & nail clippers
* Disposable razors, hand sanitizer, and lens wipes for our goggles
* Dried fruit and assorted nuts
* Cookies in sturdy small boxes (so we can carry them on our back backs)

Black Pens & DVDs & Magazines (cars, sports, travel, adventure)
no chips please…they get destroyed in shipping

….and a small British flag/hat/shirt
If you are interested in supporting these brave Soldiers, please follow the link for further information.

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