British and American embassies in Yemen closed over al-Qaeda

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dangerousdave, Jan 3, 2010.

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  1. Britain and the United States were forced to close their embassies in Yemen yesterday after al-Qaeda’s increasingly powerful local affiliate called on Muslims to kill every Western diplomat on the Arabian Peninsula.

    Hope this threat doesn't spill over to tourists - i was hoping to book a winter holiday in Dubai next new year. Maybe a change of plans to Egypt or Morocco is called for :?
  2. Will anyone actually listen to him though? :?
  3. Close Embassy, recall all Staff and then flatten the place???

    Isnt that the US foreign policy?
  4. The before and after shots wouldn't look much different.
  5. Oh well,as the Embassies are empty so there´s no targets left there;Bomb the Fcuk out of the local AQ unit untill the locals kick them out themselves.I believe the locals turned on FLOSSY etc in Aden when Crater was cordoned off?Don´t be surprised when all those oil and gas tankers that are being held by Somalien ´pirates´ get scuppered or blown up in the Straits of Homuz or by Djibouti on the Red Sea or of course both.No oil for the West and AQ laughs at the softies sitting in London the EU and Washington for not wiping the pirates out because they were afraid that they´d seek asylum there.

    Alternatively as a Soft Option,Nuke the Jemen and make the narrow waterway by Djibouti a whole lot wider!Though I suppose that´ll lead to more tankers being nicked to fill in the gap,got to start somewhere though as at the moment the Terrorists have more aces in their hands than we do.

    The contents of this missiv contain small parts of sarcasm,apprehension and wondering WTF´s going on in the World.
  6. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Just heard comments on R4 from Yemeni spokesman thanking the Us for offering advice and help but stressing that they do not want, under any circumstances, American troops on the ground thre. Which means, I suppose, that in about three weeks the US will be invading and we will support with the troops we have left. By my calculations that means 2 Mobile Bath Units and a detachment of Padres.
    Seriously though, I suspect that Obama may be pressured by his military to send forces. Bad move if he does.
  7. Don't you realise that this is very much part of the US and British effort to train the Yemen how to sort terrorists.....
    Lock up and run away..... should encourage the Yemen groups no end!!
  8. So you think Obama should do nothing to meet the threat of a concerted campaign to bring down airliners with military grade explosives?
    These terrorists received training and orders in Yemen, I don't understand why you are so squeamish.
  9. If the Americans go in, would they take Brits with them? :?
  10. USAF General: "Bomb the b@stards back to the Stone Age!"

    USAF Pilot: " want us to bomb them back to last Tuesday, sir?!" :D
  11. Why don´t the Jemeni´s just give the Yanks or Brits the exact locations of the training camps,that´s If they don´t know them already,there´s normally a missile carrying sub around that area and that means the Marines won´t have to get their boots wet.
    They can only train If they´ve some form of camp and a supply of instructors,deprive the Terrorists of both and they will be so busy protecting themselves that they won´t have time to train anybody.Yes they´ll probably move on to another country but we can follow them a damn sight quicker than they can move.

    Another way to hinder the terrorists is to stop them learning in Western Universities,at the mere hint of Radicalism or recruiting other´s straight on the plane home and ban that country from sending students for the next few years.Harsh yes but at least that would put the ball in the affected countries court and they´d have an interest in stopping the radicalls from stopping the countries growth.Why should we the West be the only ones to suffer from Radical Islam?
  12. I'm all for getting tough.....
    I believe that the governments should stop pussy footing around and sort many things, one bomber from the Yemen is a bit knee jerk though I think?
    Support the Yemen Govt financially, let them get on with it....
    Sort the Afgan problem first....Go IN HARD !!
  13. It´s only one bomber up till now,and this one was studying and led a group of Radical Students in Britain,how many will follow his lead?I love martyrs mainly because they´re dead,this one´s not dead yet but there´s hope that his followers soon will be and without taking hundreds of innocent lives with them.Only by acting quickly and stopping the threat spreading can the threat be contained,make all participants of Terror Camp Jollies return to Britain or the EU in a coffin or not at all,even if they were born here.No more Mr Nice Guy!
  14. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    It is impossible to react to every single global terrorist threat. Where is the money, personnel, assets in place and such like? The UK is bankrupt and the U.S. cannot afford to do everything, all the time. Its pretty much a losing battle. You can't mariginalise these countries as they will fail as States, exacerbating the problem. They have to be given money, support and training, but as corruption is endemic in a lot of these sh1tholes, most of it doesn't syphon through to the areas that need it the most. There is no easy solutionl
  15. Should we introduce a rule that if the kids go extremist that we should send home the parents - Saudies regularly have repatriation clearouts.... Might be an interest.... Parents on there way home traitors should be treated as such - jail of follow the parents....
    Did you see the Yemen guys best mate in London claiming that he had never expressed such leanings in their discussions - yeah right...