British Airways NOT improving

Same with any airline.
I have mentioned on here before that on a holiday in Antigua I barely saw any of the hotel let alone the island as I spent most of my time shagging ba trolly dolly's.
Chatting to a couple of virgin girls on the flight back they told me that all virgin crews were banned from the resort that I stayed at because of raucous behaviour. I said "Midnight skinny dipping" And the rest was their reply.
Which is why we end up in shit hotels, the hotels don’t want the hassle and the corporate rates aren’t worth it.

The first to moan when we get hoofed are the Cabin Crew. You try telling them that as Captain you’re responsible for them do wind it down......

I give one warning now and either go to bed (cowardice but Plausible Deniability) or if I’ve got a good Cabin Manager they usually grip it and the idiot gets put to bed.
BA1 was cancelled.
Should upset a few city slicker types.
Most LCY BA flights are operated by Cityflyer who aren’t on strike. BA 1-6 etc are min line crews ex LHR who are.

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