British Airways NOT improving

One of my old bezzers still flying for VS and ''in the loop'' on PPrune confirms that ''might be the case, but can confirm nor deny".

Major arrse (pun intended) covering exercise ongoing, definitely running scared and most likely advisedly so.

What is apparent, allegedly, is that the incredibly shiny product we see across the sandpit airlines in the advertising and indeed to be fair, in the air, is underpinned by some VERY shady management practices that at the very least make the most of the hazy employment legislation available in the region, particularly where non-dom/ex-pat staff are concerned.
There was a post from an Etihad pilot on another forum shortly after the ban; IIRC, a member of Etihad cabin crew wrote a tongue-in-cheek (and possibly other bodily locations...) guide for the pilots on how to 'groom' her colleagues which appeared on the website. Along with her name.

She was subjected to a number of libellous posts, and because Etihad management were said to already have issues with some of the anonymous comments on Pprune, this provided an opportunity and their lawyers waded in.

The owners (not Danny Fyne by that point) promptly provided the identities of all those who had posted on the board. From what I can recall, it was suggested that Pprune concluded that dealings with Etihad were far too much bother, handed over the details of all posters to the Etihad forum, and just banned reference to the airline - at least using 'Etihad': references to a middle eastern airline called 'Teahid' then started to appear.
Airline travel is so safe. In fact if one was to select the most dangerous airline for the previous year and fly on them every day, it would on average take them over 100 years to kill you.
With a major travel long weekend now upon us, is someone going to "accidently" disconnect the power to their computers again (allegedly)?.

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