British Airways, Grumpy Bar stewards!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mad_Moriarty, Aug 12, 2006.

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  1. If their not being investigated for price fixing, they are complaining about security measures at Heathrow.

    Heathrow earlier came under fire from British Airways for being unable to cope with the extra security measures.

    If I were BAA Iwould just let all BA passengers go unchecked. See how they moan when an incident happens on one of their aircraft!. :x
  2. Until further notice BA has halted all flights from the UK.
    BA announced: "I aint getting on no god damn plane you crazy fool!"
  3. As long as they ain't stopping us getting to Cairo (Indy my friend, I thought you were dead) they can gob off all they want.
  4. Aye Laird X, where ye been?
  5. Been a while since I last flew with them but Grumpy Bent Barstewards was the memory.
    May be legal and one day they'll make it compulsory.
  6. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Last BA Flight I took was up to the Highlands for a funeral. Stewardess with a red tint to her hair and fair Scots' looks smiled and welcomed me aboard. Certainly made me wish I'd spent more time in Scotland ;)
  7. Utter tw@s.

    Finally had my fill of "The Nigels" with the Gate Gourmet dog-fcuk of '05. Second rate service at premium rate prices. The parentals still fly with them because they can get mates' rates and free upgrades. However, the day I'll get on one of their jets, with their pilots who to a man have undergone charisma bypasses (hence the nickname given to them by everyone else in the industry), trolley dollies that can most politely be described as "matronly", sh1t food and sh1t entertainment, is the day that Satan goes to work on a snowplough.
  8. never understood why BA was afraid of flying but was part of a crack commando sqaud dropped into vietnam by a huey in the opening credits. :lol:
  9. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Maybe it was AirCav and they convinced him it was basically a horse.
  10. Unfortunately BA seem to think that BAA should be bending over backwards to facilitate them at all costs.When I worked at security in Glasgow Airport they (BA) had their own departure lounge and that they were to be 'treated as a special case'.The other airlines were no problem they just got with it.
  11. After many years of Global Air Travel. I've given up on flying full stop. Its a nasty horrible experience that leaves you grumpy, tired and dirty. Being 6'2" I find anything over an hour in economy very, very painful. Airports suck, the customer experience is dire, and the food is shite.

    For trips to Europe, its been Eurostar for me for years. Took the DB NachtZug Sleeper to Hamburg the other month - very civilised and could even shower on the train (You can get other sort of showers in Hamburg, but thats another story....). Arrived for my meeting fresh and rested. International Rail travel is the way ahead.

    If I ever go to the US again, it'll be by ship!
  12. I Feel little or no love for and certainly not from the middle age harridans that prowl up and down BA cattle class.

    Hard faced wenches the lot of em

    Airmiles and executive club has failed to deliver anything of any worth and the feckers reset your points annually

    Dissapointment reigns all round. Only beaten by Airfrances complete lack of common sense in managing "Guaranteed" connection passengers

    Boo hiss
  13. Good points Gimp.

    BA Trolly Dollies must be the most unapproachable and hatchet faced boots of any airline I've ever flown , including Aeroflot back in the time of heroes.

    Extremely hacked off over executive club 'downgrades' annualy. I started flying Lufthansa in retaliation and was extremely pleasantly surprised by the attitude of the cabin staff, the legroom available and the fact my flyer points once earned, are never taken away. Even LOT Polish are excellent in comparison to these hatchet faced harridans, with their "We're doing you a favour letting you fly on our airline' attitude.

    After a particularly galling lift across the pond having paid for Club to get the legroom (I'm 6'1.5") and a level of service that was just bollox , never again.

    Thanks to an ex-girlfriend , I gave Virgin a try, and have never looked back. The Stewies are gorgeous as well.
  14. I flew to Boston from Shannon in 94 with Aer Lingus. The stewardess had informed me that the meal I wanted was gone, she brought back 5 cans of beer and asked if I would like a complimentary drink on them. RESULT!!
  15. You should have seen the mooses on the Britannia trooping flights to BFG, they would make the hatchet faced harridans look like supermodels. :D