British Airways fined £121.5m for price fixing

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by frenchperson, Aug 1, 2007.

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  1. BA and their top execs

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  2. Toothsome Branson and his henchmen

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  3. All of the above for a long long time

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  4. The Taxpayer - and build 100,000 more prisons to put them in

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  5. Some random shoplifter dragged in off the street - who will go to prison anyway

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    And yet again, the scumbag perpetrators seem to be escaping justice, at least for the time being.

    I wonder whether anyone will ultimately go to prison? Probably not. Anti competitive behaviour and the screwing of the public for £millions is, after all, not as serious as petty shoplifting.
  2. Once again I find myself agreeing with you :D If they had nicked that money from the Gummint (US) instead of the people (us) they would have gone into a jail so deep the rats wouldn't find them.

    Mind you Virgin were fcuking clever - spilling the beans and walking away :twisted:
  3. I know some people on here would be more than happy with that.
  4. Now that the investigation has concluded, perhaps the Competition Commission might be interested in investigating the NAAFI and the MOD? :)
  5. They top the list of the worst airline for losing luggage, and they are not good, try flying singapore airways the tops. No snooty just very good clean service, and the girls. :D :D :D wow
  6. I assume the dosh disappears into the treasury and guess who will pay in the end for the fine? I know sucessful business is a ruthless thing but Virgin doing the equivalent of 'turning Queens evidence' [back-stabbing] is one of the reasons I would rather fly almost any foreign airline.
  7. Virgin are an impressive airline, I'm not overly bothered that they turned in BA in return for saving themselves.

    Considering the way BA acted when Virgin was getting going, this is Karma.
  8. Well BA face another huge fine in the USA, but again Virgin can pocket all the money they made and walk away from the mess. Surely you think that they would have to pay the back money they made while price fixing the fuel surcharge or turn it over to the government, but No they get to keep it while stuffing one of their rivals
  9. BA could teach MI5 / CIA / Bin Laden / Putin a thing or two about dirty tricks. Their behaviour down the decades is legion. They've even apparently gone to the extent of hiring heavies to lean on people who've had the misfortune to discover the sh1tty things they're involved in. See Private Eye, especially in the 90s.

    Apparently the top man in BA 'didn't know'.
  10. "BA consistently set low standards and fail to achieve them..."
  11. The Worlds favourite airline I think not after this folks.Greedy barstewards all of them typical large companies trying to fleece the public by screwing money out of them by putting them in fear of terrorism at a vulnerable time too.
  12. I believe I heard the DoJ spokesman say that Virgin had already shelled out in the region of $83m in restitution.
  13. another $150m fine from the U.S.

    Shall we pass a plate round?
  14. Good!

    Trouble is I suspect my - and your! - tax money will pay.

    Never flown BA (Bloody Awful) since they dumped two of my children (11 yr old girl and 9 yr old boy) in Dubai for six hours in July 1979, and denied them any liquid - they only had £5 between them. A 'fellow-traveller', a lady also from Hong Kong, saw what was going and, about 'hour three', took charge and ensured neither collapsed with dehydration.

    The ensuing written 'discussions' with BA were wondrous to perceive. I just wish so many subsequent moves had not caused their disappearance. No wonder they p*ss off all their pax - they pay so many lawyers!

    BA in 1979 was simply DREADFUL. Ask anyone who lived and worked and served in Hong Kong.

    (Good old B Cal! - their arrival shook the BA b*stards up).

    Even better, after a lot of political cr*p, Cathay Pacific got onto the route! I am still surprised BA still flew it. What a bunch of toss-pots they were and, as far as I know, still are!

    Thankfully, amongt so much else that was wrong with Great Britain, Mrs THATCHER SORTED THE SHAMBLES OUT !!!

    Now, thanks mainly to the anti-Christ Bliar, the country is 'down the pan again'.

    I'm not mad about the man who owns/runs RyanAir, and using his airline is no fun at all (Treviso and Pau) but I wish he and that good guy Stelios were running BA.