British Airways Chinook

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by foxs_marine, May 29, 2008.

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  1. Whilst browsing in a model shop today I saw a model Chonook decked out in BA markings. Did BA ever operate the Chinook & if so, in what role?
  2. North Sea rig contracts, back many years ago.
  3. And by that I mean the song and not the film.
  4. British Airways Helicopters operated them out of Aberdeen in the early days of N. Sea oil, when large numbers of workers were assembling and commissioning the big installations. By all accounts, they were not popular with the pax.
  5. You just need them to re enter service so you can be underslung back to shore :D :D :D
  6. Looks lioke a sea knight to me, not a chinook.
  7. Hence the wording in my first sentence..

  9. Not popular? What, the aircraft comfort or the shitty attitude of some BA cabin crew?
  10. Not surprised after one spudded into the sea with 40+ souls. That put an end to them as far as commercial pax work was concerned

    There were (still maybe are) a few BV107's in PNG. Going back a bit, but were used for heavy lifting and moving plant around but dunno what goes on their these days.

    I think the Russians killed them off with cheap labour and aircraft.

    These chaps are the only commercial operators these days I am aware of..

    Columbia Heli
  11. British Airways and Helikopter Service (Norway) operated civil Chinooks on the North Sea. They were sold on to Columbia Helicopters who still operate them.

    The Chinook lost had an aft main transmission failure. The main (Bull ) gear failed. Ironically it was a modified gear that was redesigned to solve a maintenance problem that the engineers at BA had already solved by using Loctite on a ring of retaining bolts!!!!!

    At the time of the accident another six were on order, subsequently cancelled.