British Airways cabin crew vote for strike

Discussion in 'Travel' started by heard_it_all_before, Dec 14, 2009.

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  1. I would've kinda thought that if you're working for a company that is running at a massive loss, that to vote for a Strike at a key time of the year would actually be kind of like voting "Yes" to sending the company under and for you to lose your job alltogether....!

    As a result of the turmoil at BA I have avoided them all year. When I book flights I like to think that I will be able to take them and that some Left Wing Marxist that's justifying the existance of the Union won't be creating problems and encouraging the over paid to go on strike.

    I really can't see BA staff earning much support form the travelling public and that like me, thousands of others will simply avoid the airline alltogether and will seek alternative flights.

    British Airways cabin crew vote for strike

    British Airways cabin crew have voted in favour of a strike over job cuts and changes to staff contracts.

    The strikes are set to begin on 22 December and run until 2 January, and are expected to cause significant disruption over the Christmas period.

    Cabin crew voted overwhelmingly in favour of the strike action. BBC News
  2. I've flown BA once. TBH it was worse than flying Crab-Air. At least you could be fairly sure your kit would come off the Herc at the other end, and the Cabin Crew were much less hairy on the VC10s.
  3. Silly silly fool. By striking they are putting the company at more risk and will probably end up losing their jobs. Short sighted idiots.

    I have flown BA a number of times....last time was 5 years ago and I quite liked it...lot better then Austrian.
  4. The words 'own throat' and 'cut' come to mind. I was planning to go to Bordeaux for the New Year but didn't book because both BA & Ryanair wanted silly money - looks like a sound decision on my part.
  5. Damnation!

    There was I hoping to spend 5 grand on a BA first class trip to New York over Christmas. You get to keep the headphones don't you know? For that kind of cash, I'd expect to keep one of the stewardesses.

    It's the little touches that separate BA from the others. Like watching a stewardess physically assault an elderly passenger who'd tried to get out of her seat before getting on the PA to say 'I don't know how many times you people need to be told to stay in your seats when the seatbelt light is on'. Aeroflot, eat your heart out.
  6. I used to date a BA Stewardess.

    If she was anything to go by, I can't say I'm surprised they have shot themselves in the foot like this.
  7. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Hmmm, why do these cnuts always go on strike when I'm on a day off? If they would only just do it the day after, I'd have a p1ss easy time in the office.
  8. Thats the thing, you don't get to keep the headphones, even in first class, and they're the funny ones with two prongs.
  9. Common mistake is to think of British Airways as an airline.

    It is actually a vastly underfunded Pension Scheme that just happens to have an airline attached.

    When the markets closed today British Airways shares were trading at 201p, valuing the company at £2.32Bn. Pension defecit currently stands at £3.7Bn.

    So strike away: much good will it do you
  10. See - turkeys do sometimes vote for Christmas. But only the really, really stupid ones.
  11. The whole thing is a fcuking disgrace. The Unions are just bullshitting the workers so as to flex their own muscle and power. Funnily enough the Unite Union has a Leadership Election next year and guess who is one of the two top candidates...? Len Mcklusky, who also just happens to be the left wing militant that's convinced the Highly Paid and Highly rewarded BA Staff to Walk-Out..

    I dare say that the Secretary General of the Politburo will call his Socialist buddy and sort a few things out...
  12. BA cabin staff paid far more than any other company in the Industry, well carry on like this & the only thing they'll be recieving is a P45, Unbelievable how these unions think they can strike a way in these crucial economic times

    Same message as the Bankers, get real, theirs plenty of willing unemployed people that are willing to take your job, even though it will be less paid, at least its still a job, pay the mortgage etc etc,

    The company is losing money hand over fist, & with this kind of action the competitors are rubbing their hands with glee with custom, how much longer will BA last is anybody's guess??
  13. Agreed with all the above, very short sighted, I think a union should be responsible for any financial loss caused by their stupidity......we have all have taken pay cuts in some way this year.....BA Trolly dolly fools
  14. Being a partner in a very small company I haven't paid myself for the last 3 months and my business partner has taken a 50% cut. Fortunately I have my forces pension to assist me but he doesn't.

    So as you say and to survive for the long term, you have to cut your cloth accordingly so that when things recover you'll still have a business/job to continue with. Fortunately as we are a leisure industry based company we know that pace will increase massivley in the new year.

    I think that those at BA still think that the Airline is State owned and has a bottomless pit of Tax payers money to fund it.
  15. I wholly agree a reality-check is in order but it's been a long time since Britain lived in the real world. We've just seen the bankers able to get a massive wedge by strong-arming the government and now everybody else wants the same.

    There's a limited pot and it's not being shared out at all fairly, so everybody is scrambling to grab as much as they can for themselves before some other bugger porks it all. Greed is good. Apparently.

    Personally, I think BA have been appallingly bad for far too long and it's about time they went under. The staff have a bad attitude to their employer; the employer treats the staff will ill-disguised contempt; and neither gives a fig for the passenger who keep them both in clover.