British Airborne School

Before you post a comment, I'm not asking who's is the best or the hardest. I'm sure every one would say there's is the best, but unless you have been through both I don't really think you could give an educated answer........ I'm curious about the British Airborne school. How long is it, what do you do in each phase of taring, and what does it take to graduate from the school? I have searched the Internet and cannot find any thing on it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again.

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ok im guessing your google search isn't working very well so if you'd truly like to know have a look here Pegasus (P) CompanyWebsite

Now i suggest you dig your self a very deep trench and hunker down to await the inevitable incomming
I did both the balloon and the Benning towers.I'm still not sure which frightened me most!!

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