British Aid 'Funding Iran'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DesktopCommando, Jan 2, 2013.

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  1. Ok reading between the lines on this report, It means even with sanctions we are funding their efforts to supply the taliban with arms and explosion,s WTF !!

    British Aid 'Funding Iranian Executions'
  2. From the report

    "More than 1,200 people were executed for drugs offences in Iran between 2007 and 2011 and the proportion of total executions for drug crime rose from 28% to 82% in that time."

    So no humans involved then?
  3. Why are you so upset the Iranians are hanging drug smugglers?
  4. We should pay any country that hangs people like this and the Iranians do it in a particularly stylish manner using a crane.
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  5. Another non-story, there is nothing wrong with hanging all those involved with the illegal drugs trade. At the end of the day Iran should be applauded for ridding the world of these sub human scum. Drugs do nothing but destroy families and relationships and fund other criminal activities!
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  6. You'll be telling me next the traditional arms sales "commissions" to Kingship Princes are little more than indirect donations to Terry, AQ and every other bearded bomb muppet or even that BaE's eager salesmen Mr Tony or Dave C were unaware of that.
  7. We should be sending some of our drug smugglers there along with serial reoffenders/career criminals. Cheaper than feeding them and paying their electricity bills for TV, PS3 and whatever other punishments they endure in prison.
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  8. Are those found guilty guilty of the crime? Are all those gulty of this crime similarly treated?
  9. Uk supplied night sights and other aid of a technical nature to the iranians Bowman? That why they hate us even more :)

  10. "....European officials have said they see no evidence of a large or sustained effort by Iran to supply the Taliban with weapons...."

    Unlike say the ANA and Pakistan's large and sustained efforts..