British Advise Needed And Wanted - Christmas Holidays


This is a query, more to the Brits on site, but all viewpoints are more than welcome.

For many years, the UK has maintained a training establishment in Canada, at Suffield, Alberta. None of this is secure info, as it is well within the public domain, at least in Canada.

Although the wife and I (and our kids) live about 4-6 hours from Suffield, we were thinking about our comrades in arms from other Commonwealth forces and what it must be like for them during various holidays (Victoria Day just passed recently). The topic of Christmas naturally came up and I thought, as we have room, it might be appropriate to invite a member of BATUS to stay with us for a week or so, if they couldn't make it home for the holidays in December. Just give them a chance to relax, enjoy a home-cooked turkey, a bit of good scotch (or other suitable libation) and just have a "homey" Christmas.

The wife thought this request might be dismissed out of hand by the brass. I figured if we could prove our "bona fides" (she has 10 years Reserves, 6 years Regs, I have 20 years Regs, 4 years Reserves), that the staff at BATUS might consider it if they had a soldier that was stuck in Alberta over the holidays. We would be more than willing to open our house for inspection, to make sure that suitable accommodation was available to British standards. As well, we would probably be willing to pick up and drop off the soldier, so the cost to the Crown would be minimal, if anything at all.

Is the idea of hosting a British soldier from Suffield, over the Christmas holidays a reasonable gesture? Would the British chain of command give it due consideration?

Or would we just come across as a couple of "odd ducks" for extending the offer? I know that Christmas is some months away, but having experience with Canadian administration, I imagine that British administration is equally swift (or not). And, if we could help a fellow soldier enjoy a better Christmas...well, why the Hell not?


It's a kind, generous and heart-touching offer.

If you've got daughters, you'd be advised to send them away for the duration. And expect your garden shrubbery and any pot plants to mysteriously die.


Thanks for the replies, much appreciated. Actually, our brother-in-law is serving in the REME with BAOR right now, so we have some experience with British soldiers. And he has always been a perfect gentleman, with a dry wit and amazing ability to consume Boddingtons.

We just want to help someone have a better Christmas if they happen to be unable to get home for the holidays. Suffield is a bleak place at the best of times and during a -40C cold spell in December it is even worse. But, at the same time we realize that the UK forces take persec much more seriously than the CF. But, the general consensus seems to be that this offer might be well-received, so I will probably launch a letter off to the BATUS CO in the next bit.

Again, thanks for the replies and best to all.

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