British activist unlawfully killed by Israeli soldiers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Apr 11, 2006.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

  2. As Israel often invokes 'The International Community' when justifying its actions, I trust they will be offering up the guilty into that community to face an appropriate murder trial.
  3. Gertting to be a bit of a habit with Israeli forces this illegal/unlawful killing of British subjects isn't it?

    Lucky none of it is planned or condoned by those in higher places within the Israeli infrastrucure and military or else we'd be getting a bit paranoid by now!!

  4. Yes - and I'm sure when Tony Blair and Jack Straw have the full facts, they'll bring extreme pressure to bear to ensure that in future, this sort of atrocious, despicable, murderous behaviour is covered up if possible.
  5. Isn't this old news? Tom Hurndall's killer was court martialled and sentenced to imprisonment.

    At the risk of starting a cyber flame war here but as a matter of interest have any of the alleged killings of Iraqis by British troops being investigated by the APS led to any convictions?? Outsiders may think that there have been none to date as British military justice is not being 'even handed' just like those here who believe that the IDF's code of military justice may not be 'even handed'.

    Are you highlighting this particular killing because it was a British citizen killed?? Why not look closer to home??
  6. Real news? A British inquest held in Britain long after someone in Israel has been convicted of the incident. What do they want them to do? Convict him again? Stop firing back at the Palistinians? Niether are going to happen.

    In my opinion it's another inquest that was a complete waste of money. One of a whole series of inquests that pander to the relatives of people who have died and their death has already been investigated (several times by different police forces in some cases), but cry out for another inquest because the findings weren't what they wanted to hear. It's not going to bring anyone back and it's putting off the 'healing process' as well as costing the taxpayer a mint.

    The crime happened in Israel. It was investigated in Israel. Someone was found guilty in Israel. What effect does an inquest in the UK have? None.
  7. 'er 'cos its the law that when any british national dies an unexpected, violent or unnatural death, the coroner will decide whether to hold a post-mortem and if necessary an inquest.
    Also if I read the story correctly - it was the Hurndall familiy's own investigation which got things rolling after the Israeli lies about his death. The Jurors also criticised the Israelis for not co-opertaing with the enquiry.
  8. That's another amazing similarity in the way israel deals with those little unwanted investigations - they just don't co-operate, don't tell the truth and never (do they ever) have any integrity to speak of!

    When will this Government realise that they Israelis are a dodgy bunch and respond appropriately in their comments and observations (or do they have to be enemies of the US before that occurs?).


  9. The area of the incident was also bulldozed and swept clean immediately after it happened, in Israel
  10. Where there ever any similar incidents in Northern Ireland?
  11. WTF! shouldn't have been there in the first place, so another doo-gooder gets himself killed. Playing around in front of MBTs and in between firefights shows the stupidity of these people's actions, however noble their cause. There seems to be no shortage of idiots willing to spread their own version of what is right, why not roll out that idiot Norman Kember and his nut jobs to speak to the Israelis!
  12. Actually what they want is the attorney general to demand israel extridiate the senior officers responsible for the policy of pre
    medited murder like thats ever going to happen!Getting involved in the whole israel/palestian conflict is dodgy as a nation as an indviduial
    its sucide imho .Can I admire the bravery of these guys while shaking my head at their idiocy ?
  13. Whilst holding no brief for the Israelis (A state founded by terrorists), nor the Palestinians (A state run by terrorists), the fact that some British peace activist got murdered by an Israeli soldier really doesn't even raise a flicker on my Give-a-shitometer. If you play with matches, you're going to get burned. What the hell did the house clearance by force of Palestinians have to do with him? He decided (very much in the same way as that cretinous christian Kember) that his version of reality was the TRUTH, went to the region with a mind to making a film to support his point of view, and got shot in the head for his trouble. A fairly extreme case of Darwinism at work, you might say. It is very sad for his family of course, but he was there of his own volition and must have been aware of the risks.
  14. I agree that the man was a fool to enter the area in the first place. However the inquest and the Israeli courts martial ruled that the convicted sergeant had taken a well aimed headshot when the victim was already on the ground having sustained a trunk wound.

    This is the point people are unhappy with. The fact that it appeared to be legalised, state sanctioned murder of dissenters.

    If we had carried out similar actions in NI, Kosovo, Iraq etc we would have been drawn over the coals for it.
  15. That's as may be. But would we have allowed an inquiry in Kosovo or Iraq to decide that the perpetrator or his seniors who had already had the findings of legal process against them, be extredited to face another overseas court?

    I don't think so, and even more to the point, I'd hope not.