British 72 Pattern Webbing: A Mystery?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by BashaBasher, Nov 10, 2006.

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  1. Not much info available on '72 Webbing other than it was nylon as in the Bergen's as already stated and the 2nd Pattern Respirator Case!

    There was also a 1980 Assault Vest version, which was never really any good!

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  2. Have a chat with any RM people, they have a set at there stores at CTCRM

    They also have a set of all equipment and uniform every issued since WW2

  3. When I was in the ACF in the early 80's the bottom webbing was made availible to us, our SSI knew someone on the trails team. it had just been rejected and he had a few sets let over.

    It was total crap, the straps kept unloosening and pouches dropped off, saying that however it may have been that the lads who had it had no training in putting it together and may have fecked it up
  4. I belive they also made a set in white for RM use on northern flank, and also used down south in 82 by MAWC but might be wrong? Can any RM lads lets us know?
  5. Its a cold war, NBC conscious, relic.
    The then current, 58 pattern webbing would have been a nightmare to decontaminate, due to its complex design (many nooks and crannys) and its absorbent nature.
    The 72 pattern was both simple, and due to its non-absorbent butyl-nylon construction, far more simple to decontaminate.
  6. As people have stated its not very good.Used by sas only because their was nothing else.Though was some strange officer had a set on telic 3.I say strange as he also had a likeing for running around the palace with a sas bergan :? .He wore it with a set of belt kit .
  7. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Yes, '72 pat was an attempt to make '58 pat easier to decon.

    The other kit shown above is a load carrying vest, which itself was in a one piece lightweight version one that fastens togther with stiffened pouches and a gay looking integral belt.

    Anyone got any of the stuff for sale?
  8. I had a set of 72 Patt which was different. Made from the same nylon as the SAS/Para bergen it had a 58 type yoke a butt pack and tow front pannels. Each of these had a single mag puuch for an SLR Mag and two larger pouches for ammunition link or magazines. ALICE style clips on the pouches.

    The two front pannels had a roll pin type belt at the front but only two adjustable straps going round to the butt pack.

    Very light, tough, cost me 20 pounds about ten years ago, some filthy sod nicked it. Its the only one I ever saw.

  9. SASS used to have some in the 80s; it is also illustrated in an Osprey book about British military equipment illustrated by Michael Chapell if I remember correctly.
  10. Which idiot thought a "tie fastening" at the back could ever have been a good idea?
  11. General Melchett, as a "collector" of old equipment! Do you have access to any of the 58 pattern smg pouches? I need some information on them?
  12. I realise the NBC threat isn't what it was in the 70's/80's, but how does the current 90/95 pat webbing stand in the decontamination stakes? It has the waterproof lining, which looks similar to the '72 stuff in the photos, but surely the nylon (?) weave outer would be a real trap in the same way as the old '58 fabric?

    No real reason for asking, just a bit curious.
  13. Had a set of SMG ammo pouches during Granby, the two mag jobbie, which was abit daft since we had a whole four mags!, I only ever saw two pouches the whole time I was a reg.
  14. What would you like to know? I have 3.....