British 10km 2011 - Combat Stress - the ARRSE contingent

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Soldier_Girl, Mar 10, 2011.

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  1. Just received my invitation to run the British 10K for Combat Stress again this year, and I'm definitely doing it!

    Wanting to know if those ARRSERs that did it last year, will be doing it again this year .....
  2. I shall be there, and i think Goatman and Dolly are rocking up too
  3. Good on you all ^~
  4. Anyone wishing to donate online can use Bmycharity look for panzersoldat.
  5. Mine must be missing in the post. Hopefully will be joining you guys for a day out in London, just need a bed for the night before :)
  6. Girliebiker, as a gentleman I will give up my single bunk for you.
    This is on the condition that you use me as a quilt :0)

    This offer has got nothing to do with me seeing your profile picture and thinking phwoar (have got crossed fingers)
  7. To save you from Panzer :) , I'll offer you somewhere to stay. Sadly, it may be the floor, but we can stick you in a sleeping bag and you'll be fine!
  8. To save you from Soldier Girls 'kindness' my initial offer plus Sainsbury's own brand Vodka and coke. Or I'll upgrade to a double room and I'll offer my quilt service to both you and Soldier Girl ;0)
  9. How could I possibly turn down Sainsbury's own brand vodka .... :p
  10. Cool...that's one in the bag.....c'mon girlie biker you've got two of us waiting on you now.....i'm willing to throw a bag of nuts into the offer lol
  11. The big Brazil nuts? ... or the sad little English ones?
  12. What date is it?
  13. Sunday 10th July :) are you running with us?
  14. Hodgsonia macrocarpa size
  15. Sainburys Vodka and a bag of nuts, how cheap do you think I am?

    Throw in a kabab and I'm game! :-D