British 10K London 12 July 2009

What is Combat Stress ?

  • I know all too well - Im a current client

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  • A made up ailment only wimps suffer from.....

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  • The name for the former Ex Services Mental Welfare Society

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  • I have no idea - is that my drink ?

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  • I have no idea - can I find out more ?

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  • Frankly my dear - I dont give a damn.....

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OK I've searched for a thread on this but drawn a blank. If I'm too drunk to spot it, then my apologies to the Mods.

Heads Up folks......if you are running in the London 10K on 12 July this year get yer Arrse over to


1) add your username to the list (Steve I look fwd to your declaration)

2) say who you're running for - and if undeclared Combat Stress would love to hear from you

3) Join us for a bevvy afterwards.


Don Cabra

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