Britisches Freikorps

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by melgibson, Mar 29, 2007.

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  1. now this has fscinated me for a number of years. the British Free Corps of the Waffen SS during dubya dubya 2. only ever about 50 men strong but some members did fight in the battle for Berlin
    there is also an American Free Corps or the George Washington Brigade. if anyone has any good pics of the british or US free corps please tell me where to find . thanks

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  2. It was actually only 32 strong and it is only alledged that some were in the Battle of Berlin, no proof exists. Of the thirty two the Krauts believed that only 4 were actualy for real (former black shirt traitors), the rest were blagging a free trip out of a POW camp.

    If your into this sort of thing look at the French, Indian, Spanish, Muslim, Scandanavian etc volunteers.

    The best portrait of the US 'Freicorps' is painted in Slaughter House 5 by Kurt Vonnegut, who as a US POW actually survived the Dresden Firebombing, his unit was approached by the utter loon in charge of the US ‘brigade’ he had a ‘super hero’ costume that he had designed himself. He thought that it would capture the imagination of GI POW’s.

    The site you list are built by Nazi apologists so its unlikely you’ll get a balanced view.
  3. thanks. yeah ive read about all the other foreign legions of the SS and army but the british one intrests me the most. thanks for the info
  4. Read Renegades: Hitler's Englishmen by Adrian Weale its got it all and is a very good read.
  5. Some of us are still fighting in Berlin!
  6. If you want to hear about Brits fighting in Berlin, ask anyone who was in Brooke/Wavell when 1QOHldrs came to visit 1GORDONS before the amalgamation. They had to call out the guard from the Queen's Last Resort to help sort out the bodies afterwards.

    Great days...
  7. I remember catching a doco about this lot a couple of years ago, they never manged to muster the minimum number for an operational unit (50 I think).

    I had a look at one of those Nazi mong sites which has a page for a dress as a Nazi mong club or living history re-enactors as they like to excuse their waltishness, bet they have more luck than the germans at mustering enough volunteers.
  8. Thanks in some part to this man:

  9. One of them was awarded the German Wound Badge.

    There are several books about them, all well worth reading.

    One of them was originally a memeber of the RAMC!!!!!!
  10. Can you see the patch on his arm.[​IMG]
  11. Septic one but a cartoon
  12. Not only a cartoon, but a cartoon depicting an imaginary unit.