Britiash Army too weak to fight a war

Are we now just a Division of the US Army?

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From todays Scotsman

But the white paper did indicate a drastic reappraisal of the country’s military capabilities. Britain, it said, could never again mount an independent campaign against another nation state.

"The most demanding expeditionary operations, involving intervention against state adversaries, can only plausibly be conducted if US forces are engaged, either leading a coalition or in NATO," it said.

"The significant military contribution the UK is able to make to such operations means that we secure an effective place in the political and military decision-making processes.

"To exploit this effectively, our armed forces will need to be inter-operable with US command and control structures, match the US operational tempo and provide those capabilities that deliver the greatest impact when operating alongside the US."

Obviously a great morale and retention tool for the Ministry of UKDF. When will our troops start getting paid in US Dollars? 8O
doe's that mean we can get blackhawks m4 with all the add ons and run around shooting kid's journo's women anyone we like :twisted:
on the bad side we have to stand up and cheer when senator blair turns up :evil:
anyone for complousry whooping practice :twisted:

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