Britian's Very Own Private Ryan

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by geezer466, Nov 11, 2011.

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    It hasnt, it was covered by Ian Hislop about 6 years ago and wasnt exactly a state secret then!
    She was shunned if I recall as the pension she recieved was better than her contemporaries, forced her to move village!
  2. ugly

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    Oh and link is dead!
  3. Hey johnny linky no worky!!!!!
  4. In 1915, my Great Grandmother received a letter in the morning from her son serving in France telling her his father was dead and he'd just helped bury him.
    While she taking that in, the telegram boy delivered two telegrams from the WD, one telling her her husband had been KIA, and the other telling her son had also been KIA.
    She never got over it and died with the year.
  5. Was that the one where the powers at be altered the dates of men killed on armistice day? as i can remember hearing a similar tale before but can't remember if it was just where i heard it or if it was just a myth, similar thing with an american offensive on the last day?
  6. Side note, FFS Britian? really you live there and can't spell it correctly?
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  7. < Tony Blair > Education! Education! Education! < Tony Blair >
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  8. I remember my Grandmother and nearly all of her generation, being terrified whenever a Telegram boy knocked, I never really understood why until my Grandfather explained that many families at the time of WW1 & WW2 got the dreadful news of loved ones being killed or wounded that way!
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  9. There are only three on my local memorial for WW2 - all with the same surname.

    They had a gong each, 2xDFC and 1MC, and were the husband and only sons of a local woman.

    She lived on her own in the same big house for the rest of her life, which began to fall down around her, until she was found dead one day in the early nineties.

    The husband was in the RAF pre-war and was a Wing Commnder DFC who died in Ireland, No1 son was a BoB P/Offr DFC shot down and killed over the Isle of Wight and No2 son was a Major MC Scots Guards killed in Italy.

    What a terrible price to pay.
  10. USS Juneau was known in the pre war navy as a brothers ship. IIRC there were 73 sets of brothers aboard when she went under. The USS Arizona also had about a half dozen brother and father/son combos serving aboard. When I was stationed at Ft. Hood Tx in the 1980's my company had 5 Murphy brothers from Prince Georges co. Md. assigned to it. Last one bragged of bribing the replacement center clerk to assign him to the co.

    USMC Col Francis Ike Fenton 1MarDiv Engineer Officer met one of his sons, Michael (19 year old Scout-Sniper) on Okinawa. The Picture made Life Magazine. Several days later this picture was taken
    US Marines - KIA on Okinawa

    Fentons oldest son was Pictured during the Korean war during the Pusan fighting
    Korea: Capt. Francis 'Ike' Fenton, USMC, 1950 - 50 Photos That Brought the War Home - Photo Gallery - LIFE
  11. Thus said the man from the land named for Amerigo.