Britians Lost Wars

Ozduke said:
Who's lost wars?

...& Who forgot? My generation were certainly aware of Aden, Borneo, Malaya, Cyprus but I accept the likes of that moron Pete Docherty think the Gulf War was something to do with Gen Pinochets internment @Wentworth!
Perturbed said:
jonwilly said:

Hum 'Oh'
I thought 'WE' won.
I expect this is a wah! However, if it is noduff, I believe they are using the term "lost" in a way that is = to "lost from memory".

This subject has been done though.
Wah indeed or at least not reading past the first line.

Two of our most decisive victories of the past half-century have been hidden away in the undergrowth of Asian jungles.
On returning from operations in Malaysia a friend and I were greeted by the Landlord of our local pub who remarked he hadn't seen us for over a year. We informed him, rather proudly, we had been on active service in Borneo. He had no idea of British involvement in that part of the world. Didn't do our egos much good though he did stand us both a pint!

Radfan received a little more publicity though there was more media interest in the 'Red Wolves' than in joint services operations!
Here we go again:

The 'Malaya' campaign: - 1948 to 1960 = WE WON.

The Brunei Revolt: * - 1961 = WE WON.

'Confrontation': * - 1962 - 1964 = WE WON.

* = nobody in Bliar's 'new' Britain knows about these campaigns.

They bloody well would have if we had lost ! My guess we would all be quite good at Russian now!

Oh! How I hate and despise this disgusting government and the one led by the revolting, deceitful 'spiv' Bliar.
Have they looked under the cushions on the settee? Or down the back of the fridge, that's where a lot of lost things are.


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