Britians celebrity drug scum condemned by UN.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by chocolate_frog, Mar 5, 2008.

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  1. The UN have condemned the culture of "it's cool to smoke smack" which is generated by pictures of "celebrities" wandering about looking like cnuts and leaveing tell tale white bits around their nostrels.

    The Times

    Personally I am outraged.

    But seriously is it not about time we started hammering these muppets hard?

    Ms Amy Winehouse (so apt a surname :p ) seen with white powder around her snozzle? Wee in to this beaker please love. Cheers.

    If caught then bounce her, bang her up in jail. She can do her gigs from in there.

    Same with that waste of space Pete Doherty.

    Non of this Priory bollox where they get to talk about their feelings and how hard it is to be rich. Straight in to a cell, with a couple of boxes of rations. They come out when they stop climbing the walls, and stop sh1tting on the floor.
  2. Im with you on that one Choccy Frog... thing is though youve got the bleeding heart liberalist tree hugging rice scoffers that wont let us use common sense... along with the police that are scuppered as if they even look at a lawbreaker then they, the police, get done for abusing civil rights...

    Cold turkey and hard labour for these people is the way ahead.. then lets see them bleat about thier hard impoverished lifestyle... bahhh...

    *and off the soapbox....*
  3. Thank you UN. Given oil for food, food for sex, fraud and theft in many missions, you are admirably placed to condemn the lotus-eater lifestyle of the low life we term "celebrities".

    Edited for banana-finger syndrome.
  4. It really annoys me, that twot Docherty should have been locked up months ago, along with singer minger Winehouse.

    They, justifiably, lock up coppers done for minor assaults so's to set an example, but these celebrity clowns are the real role models for kids.
  5. It is only a matter of time before these fools overdose. Hopefully this will show the young and easily influenced that drugs only lead to bad things.

    Pity these people can't get off the gear and use their influence in a positive light. How many top celebs who used to be on drugs do you see going all out to extol the dangers of drugs?

    And yes, the book should be thrown at them by the criminal justice system with due regard to their status and influence that they have on our youth.
  6. [quote="issac_hunt"]It is only a matter of time before these fools overdose. Hopefully this will show the young and easily influenced that drugs only lead to bad things.

    So called celebrities have been OD'ing for decades, the list is not quite endless, but this has had no educational effect. The only real benefit is the removal of yet another moron from the gene pool.
  7. Agree wholeheartedly!!

    IMHO that Dohertys a talentless p***k anyway, hes only famous for being a waste of oxygen. Winehouse isnt too bad but shes a f*****g state, with a perfect face for radio. We could still listen to the pair of humps but wouldnt have to put up with them glorifying slow suicide.

    F*****g scumbags!
  8. Soon to be Pete "No Nose" Doherty judging from recent photos...

    That would make him even uglier - if that's possible!
  9. Christ how do you lot sleep for quaking in rage at every percieved injustice in the f ucking world?

    Chocolate frog, why would people have "tell tale white bits round their nostrils" from smoking crack?

    Do you stick things up your nose to smoke them?... what a well informed chap you are, do you read the Daily Mail?

    People take drugs, the media glamourises it..... big deal

    Get the f uck over it and splutter in rage at something worthwhile before you chuck a thrombo you knobbers.
  10. Ahh yes, but on a scale of 1 to 10, just how outraged are you?
  11. Surely the drugs that are held by the Police after raids could be doctored to kill the user and resold onto the streets. The monetary advantages are Threefold 1) Money made from the sale of doctored drugs can be used to pay for extra coppers and 2) the NHS will save money as it won't have to treat the junkies as they'll be dead 3) Undertakers can expect a boom in business.
  12. Stop pussyfooting (has a pussy got feet ) around, give all the junkies the real gear 99.99% pure on the NHS and let them make the choice, clean up or od. Wouldnt cost to much use the stuff captured from drug dealers
  13. I'll be the one to decide whats worthwhile thankyou. For instance, gobby d**kheads who come on threads they have no interest in just to tell people to "get over it".

    They are scumbags who think theyre clever for the sh*t they put in their systems, i couldnt give a * about the media, thats not what were talking about. Its the LAW that seems to favor them, and im sorry if it offends you but it grips my sh*t. Get over it!
  14. Those of the generation who are now taking drugs are the best informed in history of the dangers of drug taking but still do it , Why?. Because they haven't got the brain to take themselves out to piss and if some "celeb" said jump off the eiffel tower they'fd do it. The only treatment for drug addiction should be incarceration and cold turkey not expensive treatment on the NHS which makes quitting too easy so that they start again. I can honestly say I have never been tempted to try any drugs apart from ciggies and I gave them up 35 years ago.
  15. Hmm your outrage is rising. Just as a matter of interest, how many sim 45's have you done?