Britian drowns under health and safety legislation

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Nov 5, 2007.

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  1. Front Page New York Times!
    In full
  2. Health and Safety Law is yet another blunt weapon in the New Liarbour armoury which they can use to ban anything that doesn't appeal to their Neo Marxist philosophy.
  3. Its nothing to do with the Law, its to do with idiots that dont understand it or apply it correctly
  4. I wonder how many Rememberance Parades have been severly curtailed or even banned because of thier failure to meet some obscure interpretation of the H&SAW Act 1974?
  5. Yes Sniffer, but they DO use it for politically motivated purposes rather than it's true purpose.

    No need to bring in draconian public order laws when you can just quote H&S concerns. They probably even convince themselves they are on the moral high ground.

    Don't like Remembrancer Day? Quote H&S to ensure the veterans can't afford it.

    Don't like Christmas? Ditto the above regarding XMas lighting and so on and so forth.

    Now if anyone can provide an example of a Non British events being curtailed due to H&S nazism then I'll be suprised!
  6. I wonder whether these people are politically motivated at all. There seems to be no real political objective in sight for their actions; no political grouping really benefits from their pronouncements. I'm forced to think that in fact they're just stupid little people with shrivelled balls.
  7. Nothing political?

    It is social engineering writ large using Health and Safety as the principal means to claim dominion over Christmas, Bonfire Night, Remembrance day or any other cultural event that operates as a collective unifying factor drawing people together in a common unifying bond of national identity which is now a target of cultural Marxism, subject to corrosive legislation the main or dominant purpose of which is it's destruction and replacement by that which the state decrees is politically and socially acceptable.
  8. And a convenient piece of legislation to hide behind for useless little pr1cks as described by Whiskybreath.

    Do nothing or better still say "NO" - and some people want the H&S arrsholes to have more say in the running of HMF training and admin.

    May God help us!
  9. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Iolis - you ever heard of a fasinating punctuation tool called a full stop? :D I tried to read this in one go and near went into arrest through lack of oxygen!

    WB and you are both right. The implementation of these H&S dictates are carried out by muppets with little or no common sense and a fear of litigation.

    However, H&S starts somewherre and that is with the policy makers. Those punters are the ones that deserve the recognition for destroying the traditions of this country.
  10. The worshipping of an infected bull? :D
  11. Its fascinating the way this thread is going :D However you are correct - we need to stop the rottebefore its too late.

    I like Olde Englishe :twisted:
  12. That wasn't H&S legislation, it was about the control of bovine TB.
  13. Health and Safety legislation is in place to protect people from harm, it is not to be used as some lightweight response by people who hide behind it. It is not H&S legislation that prevents Bonfire night, Rememberence Parades etc, it is idiots who do not use it correctly or understand it.

    All it takes is for people to challenge the decisions made by those who hide behined a big banner marked "H&S".

    Without wishing to delay the bandwagon that is surely going to depart with all carridges full on this, have a look at what the H&S at work act is asking?

    I suspect its people who cannot be arrsed to put the time and effort into proper organisation and assessment of risk to simply say "We stopped it because of H&S", knowing full well that no one else will challenge it as they dont have a clue
  14. But Sniffer, abuse of H&S is actually placing lives at risk..look at the PCSO incident with the drowning.

    Schools are being hammered with massive insurance costs for things we used to take for granted. Result, lack of competitive sport, more childghood obesity and all the health risks that carries.

    Look at the Stockwell thing, its completely contradictory, by shooting Menenez they apparantly breached H&S law. It could also be argued by not shooting him before he got on the bus, they were also in breach of H&S law.

    What if he HAD been a bomber and they hesitated due to H&S (Which may be the result of the judgement) How many dead then?

    No one is saying there shouldn't be H&S laws but common sense should be factored in.
  15. Think how much the H&S specialist lawyers can earn.