Britannias Traitors

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by actiontoday, Jan 27, 2008.

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  1. Brown is now banishing a 300-year-old tradition by removing Britannia from some of our coins.
    It means that Britannia and the traditional heraldic designs on a total of seven coins, including the crowned lion and chained portcullis, will all vanish.

  2. No, no, no, no. This I can't believe. Doesn't tradition count for anything? We have the vandals at the gates, no I'll correct myself. The vandals are inside - running this fine country. I'm outraged.
  3. I can't see her on any of the coins in my pocket...

    I'd say patriotism goes well beyond what is on a coin. Are the Germans less German because they have the Euro? They seemed pretty Hunnish last time I looked.
  4. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Its' in "The Daily Hate" so it must be true.

    I take it that all of the pigs have passed initial flight checks?
  5. All pigs are fuelled, loaded and cleared for take off.
  6. Whether the article is true or not, this Government appears to treat anything of merit that existed before Year Zero (1997) with contempt so it all has to change (sorry). It's a common symptom of the 'not invented here syndrome'.
  7. Makes room for Madeline or whatever the Euroscroatess is called.
  8. Maybe Britania should be replaced by the Northern Rock logo after all, that is where most of our taxes are going. I suppose next year the Queen's head will be replaced by that of little Madeline McCann just to remind us what the wee little girl looked like when her parents left her in her room whilst they went out on the piss.
  9. Fcuk him, I will refuse to accept any of these New Labour 50ps as legal tender - I suggest everybody does the same, shopkeepers will soon get the message.
  10. It seems to be part of a concerted campaign to erase all traditional British icons and traditions, presumably to prepare us to be a Euro province.
  11. So are you saying the article is wrong? If its not - then what?
  12. Ah yes, because the 50p has never had anything but Britannia on...

    Except a while ago it had a series of linked hands around the perimeter - 1973, UK joins EEC

    Then there was a series of geometric lines - British presidency of the EU in 1992-3

    After that there was a D-Day commerative design - 1994.

    I've got one in my pocket that celebrates 100 years of the scout association, replacing Britannia with the Scout badge. That, of course, is dated 2007

    There have been 8 others since 1998, of which two celebrate 150 years of the VC.

    Remember, everything is scary when you read the Mail.
  13. Big difference between issuing commemorative editions of coins, and actually re-branding the currency to completely remove the core symbols of statehood....
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I like the anniversary of D Day one, kind of reminds you why we need to stay out of Europe!
    Dont get me wrong, I love Europe and even some Europeans, (most folk are ok in general), its the EU that I distrust, how the frogs and hermans think that it will be of benefit to them I can only imagine is because they know they will dominate it!

    Insuarance medical questionnaire to Ugly, Any surviving male direct ancestors?
    Major cause of death for male ancestors?
    Germans, Flak mainly!
  15. its amazing how quick everthing this country has/had as symbols of its self and what it has stood for have been eroded, removed, banned, declared un p.c, or censored as it may offend a visitor (whether temporary or permanant) since labour took charge, the only thing they seem to have laboured over is making this a bland, non-discipt country to be controlled by others, ideally the symbol on the new coin should be a lamppost with a cocked leg, to signify that we are the bland, uniform post that all and any dog can plss over.
    rant over.
    one of the best ive seen recently was the one of the two squaddies doing firemans lift/baby carry (cant remember which).