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Rule Britannia - a name to be proud of! Fortunately for me, HRG has never tried to drop me in one of their apparent pits.

'Britannia Hotels has been rated the worst hotel chain in the UK for the seventh year in a row – on average with guests 10 times more likely to award it a poor rating for cleanliness than any other hotel, according to a survey by Which? Travel.

'The research, which includes over 40 well-known hotel chains, asked more than 8,000 hotel guests to rate everything from bed comfort to value for money as well as the quality of food and overall cleanliness. EasyHotel and Ibis Budget were among the worst hotel chains but it was Britannia that continued to languish in its own grime at the bottom of the Which? annual satisfaction survey. Guests gave Britannia, which has 61 hotels across the UK, a string of one-star ratings in almost every category including value for money and food and drink – with a woeful score of only 39 per cent.'

Britannia on the A6 at Stockport was used to house asylum seekers who mostly clustered round the entrance smoking and staring at ordinary people and generally being offensive and threatening.

We were at a meeting and had to force our way through the assembled dusky doctors and engineers to reach the meeting room. We had to lock the meeting area doors to prevent them from nicking our buffet food!

The Britannia Daresbury Park used to be good -- before Britannia took it over. Would not go near the place now.


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Stayed at an awful one in Manchester on a roasting hot day, no air conditioning and was scruffy.


I don't really stay at any other hotel other than Premier Inn. A lot cheaper than the Holiday Inn's and Hilton's, the beds are comfy, there's air conditioning, the places are generally pretty quiet and the staff are friendly too.

When I was flying out of Heathrow earlier this year, i stayed at the T4 Premier Inn which has the Hilton next to it. It cost me £41 for the night compared to the £198 next door.


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I think Britannia housed asylum seekers in all their hotels, I wouldn’t stay in one if you paid me.
In my experience, there's very little difference in room quality between a Premier Inn or Travel Lodge and some of the Hiltons, Marriots, Raddisons and Holiday Inns I've stayed in - other than spa and pool facilities. Britannia Hotels though are in a league of their own... and bottom of it.


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I used to be a chef in one of the Manchester establishments back in the nineties... complete shithole doesn't come close to describing it.
I understand they have raised their game a bit by banning ladies what room on their own after getting a bit of collar feeling for facilitating sex trafficking.

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