Britannia Club Singapore smashed up...... RAF types say its no longer a fit place

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by bumhole, Mar 13, 2013.

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  1. Ok, by chance I came upon this article in the Singapore Straits Times for 14 March 1956.

    Who the hell was smashing up the Britannia club and scaring the bejebas out of the RAF types who said it was no longer a fit place for peaceable people.......?


    To jog memories, some photos are here:

    Singapore in the '60s

    I believe its still there. I am back in a couple of weeks and will take a look.

    Anyone remember the club?
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  2. Aaahh, the Brit Club - I spent many a good time there in the late '60's.

    It hasn't been demolished, only the pool has been destroyed. Apparently, the pool is now the site of an MRT (Mass Rapid Transport) station. The Club was built on the instructions of Lady Nuffield its history goes something like this:

    Lord Nuffield wanted to built a NCO's and OR (other rank) Club and was looking around Singapore for a suitable location. When Lady Nuffield found that Raffles didn't allow lowly military types to cross the threshold of their hallowed premises and her being a staunch supporter of the military, she pulled some strings, bought the land in front of Raffles, built the Brit Club and, disasters of disasters for Raffles and their guests, their sea view vanished.

    The Raffles people were not happy at all and we constantly went in there to bug's prices are now somewhere in the stratosphere, now, but hey-ho.....
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  3. Brit club is now singapore police senior ranks club, will be there on the 27th!!
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  4. I was born in Singapore in the late 60s but both my parents died 20 years ago. Now Im in my mid 40s Im wondering about stuff. Apparently we lived on the Wessex estate, number 10.Is that still there ? I wont ever go back, no way could I afford the airfair plus what for ?I have no business out there. I wonder if its possible to find my house, I don't remember any of it and we left to go back to England when I was 2 .
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  5. I believe Wessex is still there unlike Sussex which got bulldozed years ago.

    There is a map here:

    An article here:
    Wessex Estate | Expat Living Singapore

    and photos here:
    Layout 1
  6. Thanks very much Bumhole, I notice on the plan a "Ayer Rahjah camp" ... quite near the estate. We had a spotty dog called Rahjah in the early 70s... always wondered about that !
  7. Was stationed in Terendak Camp Malacca '64/'67. Went down to Singapore twice on post-Borneo tour leave. Spent a fair bit of time in The Brit Club. Seem to remember a problem of drunks entering the pool from a 1st floor balcony. Saw some rucks in there sometimes involving septics on R&R from Vietnam!
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  8. Aye, Don. Great days. At one time in that era there were Scots Guardsmen, Argylls, Gordons, and KOSBs out on the razzle in Singapore, all flush with 'credits' after tours in Borneo!
  9. Remember in the 60's, there was a bloke outside selling egg banjo's. Great when your pissed up, used to take one on the bus back to the naval base.
  10. Happy days, I was both a Dover Dolphin and Tanglin Otter, also remember playing near the warren Gold Club as we lived on Dover Road. The days of being a pad brat and flying back on BOAC to school, the joys of the Empire!
  11. We were out there 68-70, my brothers were born at Changi! We lived in Chichester Ave which sounds like it might be the same type of area, I think it was classed as Seletar Hills?

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  12. I was one of the SG of which you speak.
    I also remember 3 of us crossing the road to The Raffles and had a few beers in the bar there. Asked to leave when one of our number got pissed and insisted on trying to play the piano on the stage in the ballroom. No, he couldn't play the piano drunk or sober. We were amazed we were allowed in in shirts' shorts and flip flops.
    Other thing I recall was a giant Sikh outside the UJ club who liked to demonstrate his strength by swinging a big set of Indian Clubs. Needless to say, nobody took the piss out of him! And then there was Bugis Street!!
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  13. pimpernel, I served at Meiktila and Princess Mary Barracks down Dover Road and remember vividly running through Warren Golf Club when we did our weekly cross-country run - if you were one of the stragglers like me, the OC would wait for you and then chase you so you would catch up with the rest. He would then put on a spurt and (quite often) run to the head of the pack......

    We often went to the Dover Road pool and also the Sandys Home in Pasir Panjang the facilities there were great. IIRC the place was run by a Scottish lady called Mrs Rogers - she was mighty fierce!!
  14. I was there in 65 and the thick twats from the cheshire regt were trying to show off to the wives who were at the swimming pool,by head butting the wall to see who could have the most blood running down their faces,what a bunch of *********,all they succeeded in doing was to make themselves a laughing stock.