I've just had this website pointed out to me on Twitter by the Muslim Council of Britain. Having had a look at it I think it deserves much wider recognition.

Its founder is a Birmingham University lecturer who tours the country speaking to young people about the military heritage that is shared by Commonwealth countries and the people who have roots there. Its also interesting to note that that the late Sir Richard Holmes was the patron.

All in all seems like a thoroughly good thing to me and some of the comments on the testimonial page make interesting reading.

If you feel like responding then pse note that this is the CA forum.
BCO Just had a quick skim through the website. It is EXCELLENT and a very positive step in the right direction. I served (many moons ago) alongside many nationalities and religions. A soldier is a soldier is a soldier. I only hope Jahan Mahmood's efforts can become more widespread and help to show all sides that we're all British, and all parts of society have 'done their bit'.

Thanks a lot for the link
I strongly disagree with the existence of the Muslim council and for that matter the Muslim parliament. Why is there a need for a Muslim council or Parliament? It shows a great unwillingness to integrate into British society. However, that is probably for another thread.

I think it is a good idea as it teaches people muslim and non muslim, what that their forefathers fought for and how they did it and it is important to show that they fought together. I do think, from what I have read on the page, that it plays a bit on racism in the fact that it says that they were forgotten etc. I think that is totally wrong. We see them represented in the Remembrance parades etc and it is only natural that the people of Britain are biased to the British fighters. We must also remember that they were fighting for their existence as well. Had they been overrun by Japanese forces things would not have been very good for them at all.

I saw a mention there that we should not glorify the British Empire. Why shouldn't we. The British Empire has been responsible for more good things then bad. If that offends anyone, I couldn't give a s....stuff.


As an interesting but relevant aside, the massive mosque in central London that occasionally sees such hatred spat out of it by angry asian types with hooks for hands was gifted to the muslim community of the UK by King George VI to thank Indian Muslims who fought in WW2 - irony. Very good website, it is nice to have these links remembered and honoured.
Its also interesting to note that that the late Sir Richard Holmes was the patron.
As good an egg as Holmes was, he never got a tap on the shoulder, just a gong, twice (OBE and CBE)
I think this is a good step to show people that Religion can not deter ones pledge/aim to become a solider of any nation. I would like to Thank the Admin of this site for bringing up such a thread.

Muslims regardless of their racial background, are part of Britain, and should be educated on the actions their forefathers did in support of their British comrades in war and for the standard of living, they comfortably enjoy.

I may not approve of what the British empire did, but one has to respect others, and this is a good step forward to diminishing stereotypes.
It is time that one has to learn that history cannot be changed.

One should have the grace to accept the past, learn lessons and then move on.

One cannot brood over the past.

Loyalty to the Nation comes first, always and every time. Religion in such matters is immaterial!

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