Britains WW2 Debt To America

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by W.Anchor, Dec 18, 2005.

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  1. I was reading to day that the last of Britain's WW2 War Debt to America will be repaid by 31st December 2006
  2. Yep, cheque is in the mail.
  3. Bloody awful isn't it! Should have let us off some of it, after all we have stood "Should to shoulder" with them for the last sixty years. Ungrateful gits.
  4. You missed a bit, so I took the liberty ( :wink: ) of adding it.
  5. Can't see as how we owe them any other kind of debt Awol :?
    The Second World War was rather to the USA's advantage in the end. It effectively destroyed the economic and military dominance of European nations (not least Britain). Roosevelt knew this would be the inevitable outcome and I suspect rubbed his hands with glee at the prospect.
  6. Germany should ahve been paying reperations from WWI untill arounf 1990 IIRC! Didn't Roosevelt also send all the newer warships out into the sea from Pearl Harbour with no explination? (Leaving only the older warships behind)
  7. I remember reading something about this about 10 years ago. When the US came up with the Trueman plan, that successful forerunner to the Marshall plan, all the war-torn european countries were in line for some dosh to spice up their shattered economies. (Possibly an early attempt at globalisation). One of the conditions was that they had to set up a constitutional democracy. As this would have spelt the end of the House of Lords, old Winnie insisted that we didn't need it and it should all go to those foreign Jonnies as they were under threat from communism, starvation, euro-pop etc. Anyway we still had an empire to fall back on and would be back on our feet in no time. Being good chaps we would repay the whole debt, in full and on good terms and hold our head high in the world, with democracy british style intact.

    The Germans, led by Conrad Adenauer, took the dosh and lent it out, almost interest free, to rebuild industry. Each time someone paid off they lent it to someone else. Result; top industrial power fuelled by recycled non-repayable loan. The so-called euro dollar.

    Now Winston Churchill was a smart fella but methinks he let pride get in the way of a good deal on this one.