Britain's Worst Enemy!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Invictus_88, Jan 21, 2004.

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  1. Tony Blair.

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  2. Hoon.

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  3. Dubya.

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  4. Civilian_In_Green.

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  1. When you say civvie in green are you talking about STAB's or those horsey types who cut around in wax jackets?
  2. Can't we double vote CiG ? I want to vote BB and you.
  3. Mr Patel from my corner shop. He's knocked 10p off the price of a loaf!! Cheaper then Netto.
  4. I was jovially referring to myself in the knowledge that i'm a tad unpopular on the site.
    Thinking about it though it'd probably be better to have it refer to those damn-fool civilians who walk about in towns wearing military camouflage, they are usually unfit, unshaven and often have ponytails.

    Well, i guess you can click Civilian_In_Green if you think either myself or the civilian-camouflage-folk should be got rid of.

    Rather tempting fate here...don't vote TOO harshly against me, i never set you lot to Iraq without sufficient kit remember?


  5. ..and hey? I don't boil rabbits either. So i think i'm taking a bit too much flak here!
  6. Tough shiit. Go and complain if your not happy. Next...................
  7. Civ, can you remove BB from your list of choices please

    I'd raher not have that peroid of board disruption prolonged , thanks muchly.

  8. When I joined the Mob we were told that in descending order the Royal Navy's greatest enemies were:

    1. The French
    2. The Whitehall element of the RAF
    3. The Government of the Day
    4. Whoever we are at war with at the time

    Seems pretty fair to me....
  9. You get my vote CiG - First time a poll in the NAAFI has been based on an article from Country Life
  10. Yeah CiG, trouble causer !!
  11. Cannot / Do not know how to, remove Miss BB from the list.

    ..and what may i ask is wrong with 'Country Life'?


  12. I know and can if you wish? :D
  13. Feel free, you have my most gracious permission.


    Still not sure what's wrong with 'Country Life'?


  14. Does this mean that BB is now a taboo subject?