Britains secret wartime astrologer predicts Hitlers future

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Psypher, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. New files have been released on Ludwig von Wohl (aka Louis de Wohl) by the British National Archives. De Wohl was a Hungarian astrologer employed by British intelligence to predict Hitler's astrological charts to get an insight into Hitler's future war plans. He was also later used by the black propaganda section of PWE to write astrological text for a propaganda magazine called 'Der Zenit' and he was also sent on a lecture tour of the US to predict Hitler's demise.

    More here from BBC News:

  2. Either some one is very quick of the mark ( CLICKY ) or this is already in the public domain.

    Here's some outpourings from a first class loony, if you like that sort of thing :lol: CLICKY
  3. Yes a lot of information about de Wohl was already in the public domain. He's mentioned in the official history of British Security Coordination (BSC) and in Sefton Delmer's autobiography "Black Boomerang".
    Also see "The Black Game" and "Urania's Children" by Ellic Howe.

    The release of his MI5 personal file is new and adds a little to his story.

    I'll be mentioning his black propaganda work in my forthcoming book as well.