Britain's Secret War in Antarctica?

I write the occasional articles for military journals on historical matters (don't worry, I'm not a journo) and I have been researching a bit about how the British exploited Nazi technologies and scientific/engineering personnel at the end of the war. This, regretfully, has exposed me to the fruit-loop end of the internet conspiracy spectrum - NAZI 'anti-gravity' aircraft, 'spectral weapons', 'the Bell' (an alleged fission device) you name it. However I did encounter a few references to German expeditions to Queen Maude Land in Antarctica in c 1938, and alleged resupply of a 'secret undergound base' on the continent by U-boats. An expedition did take place but evidence that there was a permament base there are scant, to say the least. Bundesarchiv have drawn a blank but I found this rather engaging 'interview' with an alleged member of the SAS (who else, of course?) who claims to have taken part in a frankly bizarre mission in Antarctica in late 1945.

Here's the link:

Tin foil hats on/


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Some parts of the story read well but others are completly bonkers (such as being flown to the Falklands in 1945 - no mean feat 37 years later in 1982) and the 'Polar Men' ripping the throats out of British troops...

Lie back and have a read...but if anyone has any verifiable information on a permanent Nazi presence in Antartica, let me know...even better if anyone had a relative die on 'Active Service' in Antartica in 1945, I'd love to hear about it.


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I don't know much on the subject, but I think the most likely option would be a meteorological station. Weather forecasting had considerable military value.



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Thanks for the link. I hadn't thought of the Polar Institute in Cantab.
but it would be:

You ghoulish ****.
CC - my tongue was firmly in my cheek. Thanks to the link provided above, I enclose the concluding paragrpah about these conspiracy theories:

Our analysis of the abundant scientific literature
describing conditions in Antarctica and the abundant
historical literature describing the various expeditions
suggests that in thewritings of Szabo, Buechner,Bernhart,
Mattern, Friedrich, Stevens, Farrell, Choron and Robert
fantasy has ruled and a travesty of history has occurred.
To those who would like to investigate further, we point
out that the relevant archives are now open to the public.

It begs the question why people make this stuff up!

Fantasy Bollocks. Flying to the Falklands then to Antarctica. All before stacker was born as well.
been reading that site in the link. is there any tinfoil left in the world. mental


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has anyone asked tropper? he was probably there and can give a first hand account.


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didn't the yanks send a reactor down there for a couple of years?
A link to the article would be nice if it goes online. Sounds interesting.

My article is on the final throws of the Nazi aircraft programme, centred in places such as Oberammergau and Linderhoff, led by a particularly unpleasant chap called General Dr Ing Kammler (Architect of Auschwitz; director of Strategic Weapons development).

//Tin foil ON// Kammler was also into the occult and tried to conflate this with some interesting (read barking mad) nuclear research, allegedly developing ‘torsional fields’ (wtf). Conspiracy theorists claim that he went to work for the Russians/Yanks/British (take your pick) after the war. //Tin Foil OFF

More prosaically, he died near Prague in May 1945

However, the engineers and scientists working for him came up with what I could only call ‘colourful’ ideas – none of which were practical apart from the P.1101 that was nearing completion when the US Army overtook the Upper Bavarian Research Institute on the Hoetzendorf Kaserne in Oberammergau (site of the present-day NATO School). Bell Aircraft shipped it back to the US (damaged severely in transit) and eventually flew as the Bell X-5. The Swedes developed it as the SAAB Tunnan – a successful 1st generation jet aircraft that served operationally well into the 1970s.

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