Britains schoolchildren think Auschwitz is a type of beer!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Archangel, Mar 10, 2009.

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  1. If this Sky News story is to be believed... who says children are not taught properly these days!

    Am I the only one who is appalled?

    Does this make me a grumpy old f_art?

    Why the hell aren't children being taught the proper names of beers!!!?? :?

    Sky News
  2. !!!

    Labour edukasion in action!
  3. It is ! I've tried it ! Didn't like it ! It was a bit too gassy for me.

    TAXI !
  4. There was one in a woman's magazine (don't ask) a week or two back which claimed a significant percentage could name neither Queen nor Prime Minister of the UK.
  5. Bier macht frei.
  6. Blimey! That's easy! The Queen is called ... well, 'Queen'

    As for the Prime Minister, it's ...err, hang on, don't tell me, no wait a minute it's ... oooo I'll get it in a minute...
  7. Can't believe it myself! I finished my "Education" last year and you would not believe that some 16/17 yr old GEOGRAPHY students do not know where places like South Africa, India and Australia are!

    Crazy :x
  8. Everyone knows what the PM is called!!!!................... W@NKER :x
  9. I was going to post something similar a few days ago, I didn't as I thought it might be an isolated case, clearly not.

    Have recently taken in another au pair (17 very nice and polite) to look after the nipper who is without doubt the most 'sheltered' individual I have ever met. She doesn't know who the main players were in the 1st and 2nd world war (ie the countries that were having a hoo ha) Never heard of the IRA (very big celtic fan though) wanted to know when WW3 was gonna happen and who would win (like it was some sort of pre-determined result) wants the answer to why Britain is fighting the afghans and where about in iraq it was. Doesn't like pasta but will eat spaghetti. Are the miners still on strike? Is that why no-one has coal fires anymore?

    These are a just a few of the 'choicier' comments but clearly there is something wrong in some of our schools. It can't be all of them because we are getting some very gifted and bright individuals coming through the doors into the armed forces but WTF is going on? the reason I ask is because she can list xyz about employment law her voting rights and name every major player in the black civil rights movement (I hasten to add she's white from Glasgow) Is it just that schools don't teach classic/ modern history or geography?
  10. Read, in the Torygraph, that one in six children finish 11 years of compulsory education without gaining a single qual. Bearing in mind how much the quals have been "dumbed down" what have the little retards been doing? At my expense.

    PS what does a bunch of foreigners murderering other foreigners miles away have to do with UK history. Except as a by note.
    We going to have to also teach the children what a lot of ex Auschwitz inmates did in a certain UN mandate area once they got bank rolled by the Yanks? Didn't think so...
  11. I thought that the Queen was called Lord Peter.
  12. We have a calender in work, one of the ones where you turn wheels to change the digits.

    At some point, somebody had obviously been footering with it and it was displaying "34 Oct."

    Wee girl (who's doing a BA, gawd bless 'er) asked me if "There used to be 34 days in October... In the old days".

  13. Arbeit macht bier,also... :?
  14. Turn those figures around and they read as "Ninety percent of schoolchildren know precisely what Auschwitz was".
    I'm happy with that.
    If only 10% of adults were poorly educated numpties, it would be an eight fold improvement over the status quo.
  15. Stooodents, eh?

    I did my BSc in microbiology and a lab partner who was assigned to me in my first year was a bit ... 'special'.

    One day she spilled a beaker containing some harmless bacteria in the lab.... but to make absolutely sure they didn't escape and cause any damage she methodically stamped all over the spill "to make sure they were all dead"!

    Ah, Bless! :roll: