Britains Private War

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jack-daniels, Oct 1, 2012.

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  1. there was a discussion about this on Today this morning - I looked for it in the tv schedules and wondered why I couldn't see it. I wonder why it was only shown in Scotland?
  2. I think BBC2 are showing it on Thursday night as well.
  3. not according to my humax freeview box search thingy - I'll have to wait until it's on i-player
  4. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    if you do iplayer alba you usually get the just jockish progs

    they did a good series on a bunch of lassies doing the TA summer training thing a year or two back
  5. Ah, Danny Fitzsimons....

    As usual, the lass in HR paid the price (when it all went horribly wrong) for what was then Company Policy: ie; deploy without criminal record
    checks and complete vetting whilst the subject was working in country.

    As such, a recipe for disaster and always going to happen.
  6. His Dad seemed quite shocked when the reporter mentioned some emails that G4S allegedly received about him.
  7. Which one? The one about him being depoloyed to Iraq whilst on police Bail for Armed Robbery might have been a bit of a giveaway to G4S that they might have made a slight **** up.
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  8. Wasn't he in the RRF as well as the Para Regt? Seem to recall something about it somewhere.
  9. I found the whole reporting style sensationalist and pretty poor, full of assumptions and "oh my god, security personnel in a highly volitile place are given guns!" type statements. I thought the BBC was above Daily Mail style headlines.

    Fact is, the Security Business is like any other business, driven by profits and pressure from the clients to deliver a service at the lowest price.
  10. "Britain's Private War" is an oxymoron. Quasi military organisations, benefiting from Attorney General secret public interest custodianship to dodge prosecution in UK, cannot represent what is "Britain's". If you believe these Private Armies are Britain's, then how will you feel when they deploy in support of the civil power in UK ? If you believe that the govt cannot lawfully deploy them in UK then how can it be lawful for them to deploy to middle east?

    In my era there arose the power of "Think tanks" and private intelligence operations ostensibly protecting industry. These people lectured 23 SAS and Bramshill Police College with the objective of harnessing police as their "Front line" against trades union subversion of industry.

    I recall the derision, in Arrse threads, at the very idea there was anything serious inherent in Jack Straw repealing the Unlawful Drilling Act 1819. So what if the Defence Secretary had just conceded that James Shortt, for example, never had Crown Authority. IE That Shortt must have conducted military training contrary to the act. Each offence carrying a possible seven years in prison. "Well it's only Shortty and he's a walt" eh ?

    Be a private company soldier ... no need for an oath of loyalty to HM the Q her heirs and successors. Shit all over the Bill and Petition of Rights and the restitution of monarchy and the Crown authority over the bearing of arms and the admin of justice. Hand all the power to govt under their banner of secret public interest custodianship.
  11. Correct - he was RRF and then Para Reg. He worked for Armor Group previously, and then went to work for Olive (i believe although I may have gotten that wrong). He got the boot from there for being a naughty boy, I seem to recall that was linked to drugs / drink.

    He got into bother with the old bill when back in the UK. He was on bail when re-hired by Armor Group (who were in the process of being re-branded as G4S), who chose to deploy him based on the previous medical and criminal records check they had completed on him a few years prior when he first worked for the company.

    The girl who recruited him took the stick, rather unfairly in my opinion, as she merely followed standard practice. As I pointed out at the time, many of our medical records and even criminal records (in a few cases) had altered during the period of our employment and we were never routinely re-vetted, so in theory any of the lads on the ground could have been nuts or on bail and the company would not have known.
  12. Fascinating. You should tell these chaps too David Icke's Official Forums
  13. Okay.