Britain's policing is amongst the worst in the world...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stoatman, Jan 3, 2005.

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  1. ...and no amount of blaming it on "changes in reporting" is going to change this.

  2. BRING in zero tolerance bin the pc rubbish lock up criminals or if they
    use guns or suspected too use shoot to kill
  3. I hope that any fallout is directed at the Home Office and Ministers responsible, as opposed to the ordinary bobby on the beat who routinely performs miracles and then spends 10 hours writing form after form about them (in triplicate).

    In spite of such a pessimistic report, I still believe we are very lucky to live in a society where our police are not routinely armed (unlike the US, France and Germany).
  4. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    44 crimes each? I must speak to the Guvoner!

    One arrest will keep me in the office for the remaining part of my shift, and if I get one in the bin, coming on, I wont even be able to deal with anything that day! Paperwork- baine of my life!

    Now were is that file 13?
  5. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    They do in Pompey, dont they?
  6. sorry your post makes as much sense as my last :lol: .ied Just annoyed
    the police seem to be tied up with paperwork and obsessed with political
    correctness ,and the blokes on the ground get messed around
  7. I think the problem is the isolation of the police. They have to deal with so much piffle that they are seen as extremely authoritian and there is not the bond sort of thing between 'them' and 'us'. I did once assist a copper who was getting a kicking outside Victoria Station whilst commuters looked on. I am sorry to say that if event were repeated today I'd most likely pass on the other side. Cannot itemise exactly what caused this change in me but I certainly find police more stand offish than they used to be. I don't mean that I want to see them getting down on the carnival and swopping hats etc. but the friendly old copper was to be preferred. Long time since I was at Peel House but the seriousness of the training may have something to do with it. My training was a laugh from start to finish.
  8. I worked this out, useing 2002 figures.

    In England you're 14 times more likely to be mugged/burgled or robbed than in America!

    True, in America you're 52 times more likely to be raped or killed.

    My personal preferance's would be the following Idea's:

    More police admin assistants. People to do the paper work for the police. So the police guy can write up an incident report and leave it for the admin assistant. I know that not all the paper work can be done by sumone who wasn't there at the time, but alot of it can.

    This is an important one: Heavier punishments for people who brake the law and are in a postion of authority, so copper's, admin assistants and judges (to name a few) would face more severe charges if they where to comit a crime.

    I'd also like to see corpral punishment returned, drink driiving? 5 strokes, etc. that free's up prision space for the people who require it. And if some one is about to comit a crime, well hopefuly they will be thinking if I get caught, this will hurt, lots. If you wonder where I'm coming from read Heinlin's starship trooper's (and I do mean read the book).
  9. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    But you can get mugged more often here than there. :roll:
  10. Is that the Police's fault or societies?
  11. Well said scalieback.

    The UK has been involved in a war or conflict in every single year since WWII apart from I think 1968. Does that mean the Army is crap?
  12. Nice one BBR! :D

    I love the way that ARRSE attracts all the naysayers and doom prophets from their sad little holes all across the world. BBR - you have brought a smile to my face on this thoroughly miserable first day back at work! :D
  13. Listy wrote

    Spot on, the Isle of Man had the birch until about 20 years ago (?) and they had very few problems. ASBO? Fcuk off. They'll think twice before being naughty the second time, after their backs were ripped to shreds the first time!

    Subject of Star Ship Troopers, I recall you had to serve in the Forces if you wanted citizenship. What a good idea, maybe not forces, but people should serve the society before getting the all priveledges, like free NHS and, of coures, Legal Aid.

    Coppers today still as good as before, just bogged down in paperwork and being PC (as in politically correct) they are also, I feel, let down by the CPS and the judges. The cops repeatedly bust their own asses to get some toerag before the beak only to see him walk out on some technicality or with a low sentance.

    While inside they should be forced to work, 23 hours in a cell per day? It should be gleaming then. Also bill them food and accomodation while they're in, including block damages and seize assets to pay back victims so the tax payer doesn't foot the bill.

    Think of the deterrent factor of both the birch and hard routine in nick, pretty hard to large it up in the pub when your shirt is stuck to your back!!! :twisted:
  14. Ah, doom and gloom, something we are all so comfortable with!

    Just wanted to add that I really feel that the police are simply concentrating on issues they can win - such as speeding and drink driving, leaving the really difficult stuff - prevention of crime - to gather dust.

    I am not suggesting that we need to get too medieval on people's "backsides" for their anti-social behaviour, but there is the need to re-link the commission of a crime with the punishment. The flash to bang between offence and punishment is too long, these scroats need to be dealt with almost on the spot where possible. If that means that courts have to run 24 hours a day, then so be it!

    I feel sorry for the police, but agree with the ORC, it would be hard to give the peelers a hand when they are getting a kicking, knowing just how much their backs are up against the wall - probably find yourself banged up for leathering the brown matter out of the little scamp, or god forbid it, infringing his civil right to be a prick.

    Trouble is, until we vote for someone who has balls, we are going to get the usual "campbell babble" from the Great Dictator and Politburo. Time for a return to zero tolerance, not just of criminals, but politicians too.

    Enjoy fun day at work, not back until the 10th! Tee hee
  15. The Ch Cons here in Scotland have proposed that police take no action at all in a wide range of incidents. What price zero tolerance in face of that?