Britains Phoney War on Terror?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Wessex_Man, May 27, 2008.

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  1. Who he ?
  2. You should change the title to, ' Britney's phoney war on terror ' More apt I think.
  3. He's missed one part of the problem, which can be seen quite easily if you look at the 'Have Your Say' part of the piece.

    You have the usual assortment of hand-wringing bleeding-heart post-colonial guilt ridden wet lettuces who say that the problem is entirely our fault and who offer no solution bar leaving Iraq and Afghanistan which will solve the problem - at least in their nice simple little utopia. They're usually soon joined (as in this instance) by members of the tin-foil millinery association claiming that Bin Laden is some sort of plant by a sinister western government/military industrial complex syndicate. Worse still, they think that their often wildly-inaccurate understanding of events makes their opinion worth hearing, and are more than willing to shout down anyone who attempts to reason with them.

    Some of these numpties would be online trying to post that an attack on a British city with a crude nuclear device was entirely the fault of Britain and that we deserved it - assuming that their broadband connection had survived the EMP. They're part of the problem, and as we don't have DORA in force, we can't cart them off somewhere without an internet connection to shut them up. 70 years ago, they'd have been bleating about how Hitler wasn't that bad a chap and, anyway, his actions were all the result of Anglo-American foreign policy and nasty capitalists...
  4. Michael Burleigh is an eminent British historian, author of the highly acclaimed "Third Reich: A New History", and more recently "Earthly Powers"(2005) & "Sacred Causes: Religion & Politics From The European Dictators to Al Qaeda"(2006). He has published books on many aspects of modern European & German history, and has taught at Oxford, London & Cardiff universities, as well as being visiting professor at Rutgers, Washington & Lee, and Stanford universities in the USA.

    A formidable intellect; excellect historian, and very calm & measured - not given to scare mongering. Anything written by Burleigh is worthy of serious consideration - a very serious scholar who most definitely does not play academic games.
  5. I can't have Cornwall then?? :( :roll:
  6. You are Michael Burleigh and I claim my £10
  7. You quote Oxford as one of his institutions in an attempt to give him some weight. Very good. Don;t they have dawkins as one of their professors? I am at their mian rival institution and I know very few publishing lecturers, readers or professors who would be completely above playing academic games. A few publish in academic journals only and refuse to patent or copyright, but every fellow who gets money from their endeavours other than research funding is definitely capable of making assinine points in an effort to get more cash. Anyone who can seriously write a book like 'Sacred Causes' has not devoted his life to academia alone as the work is plainly intended for public consumption rather than purely academic reference.

    Anyway, if he's so f*cking bright then whats his solution to the problem?
  8. "The police seem to be turning a blind eye to “honour crimes” and to the informal resort to sharia, even when this involves manifestly criminal offences. They have preferred to turn on the makers of a Channel 4 documentary about homegrown extremists, accusing the producers of distorting the views of Muslim clerics, rather than to investigate the extremists themselves - leading Channel 4 to sue the police for libel and win. "

    Nail, Head, HARD. Do I remember a documentary about young girls in in one West Riding town about underage girls being groomed and lured into prostitution by emn being shelved due to a minor problem with the people involved?
  9. You seem to have taken a dislike to him - why? I read the piece and thought it quite good - but I would as I happen to agree with it. The solution seems to be to tackle the problem head on even though the socialists, beard wearers (less RN) and sandal -shod liberal masses won't like it.
  10. I agree entirely with the article, but I'm not this man's greatest fan. He still fails to suggest a workable and politically acceptable solution now that the problem has got this far.

  11. I'd say the article is suggesting that a more robust approach is better than the currectly confused and contridictary approach in use now.

    Neu Arbiet come out with "Orders in Council" that get struck down in the Courts. Nothing wrong there, it's the fault of the Government for failing to THINK. At the same time they're unable to come up with a single convincing argument for detaining people for prolonged periods without charge that the public are willing to accept purely because of the mess Neu Arbiet has made with "Anti Terroism" abused by the Police to throw Coffin Dodging hecklers out of Labour party conferences.
  12. No you can't have Cornwall, you're part of the problem.
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Currently half way through his book on Sacred Causes: Religion & Politics From The European Dictators to Al Qaeda.

    Got a little bit bored with it, and a lot of it is slightly off-base.

    Not a bad read, but currently on hold while I do that reporter's book in which EVERYONE is a cnut, from GW Bush to Osama and everyone in between. I much better book, with stacks of detail, even if he does whine a lot. This particular guy talks about Algeria, the Armenian genocide, GW1, GW2, Afghan, the Iran/Iraq war etc, etc, etc.

    The Great War for Civilisation: The Conquest of the Middle East by Robert Fisk.

    It's on my 'toilet reading' list, and so far has consumed 250 cr@ps and 200 man-hours of reading time - the missus thinks I've got terrible bowel problems, when in truth, I can't put the damned book down.