Britain's new year resolution: intervene in Somalia

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Dec 22, 2011.

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  1. Britain's new year resolution: intervene in Somalia - Africa - World - The Independent

    Britain's new year resolution: intervene in Somalia
    Cameron claims failed East African state poses a direct threat to British interests.

    What the F is it that gets into these Civvy Gits.
    Blair committed UK to 5 wars of questionable value to UK.
    Now Cammeroon is thinking of War No.2.

    Trust Dave is planing to send his son to Sandhurst.
    That is with his 1% pay rises.
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  2. What do you think the army is for?
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  3. Where does it say military intervention?
  4. The skiing and the travel sir. Not the killing. I put it on my form sir I said "no killing".
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  5. basic definitions ;;

    ARMY: Force of SOLDIERs. Roman rule = 100,000 men.
    ROMAN SOLDIER: i wanna fight and then go home and prosper ala ROMAN stylee
    Leader: Experienced soldier - Corporal to Colour ranks. Weary and battle hardened.
    Officer: Highly trained in commanding Battalions etc. Tactics etc - I want my men home alive and i get rewarded with having the prettiest wife/cake/pot of gold coins.,,etc.

    "DAVE" - MAN not SOLDIER
    AIM: get re-elected....another spin of the wheel playing boss of UK PLC.
    how? win a war!

    cost... only in the lives of soldiers......
    and the officers......
    and the wives who are left behind... with children to raise....

    Everyone wins.... dont they?

    oh yea... but we are ARMY less the 100,000
    we are UK DEFENCE roman standards...
    a motley crue of the survivors of our previous wars... damaged and in need of a holiday....
  6. Punitive air and naval raids when a spanking is called for, would be the best solution IMO. They could take the old HMS Belfast out for s spin to bombard port facilities.
  7. Shhh! Everybody thinks that HMS Belfast's absence from the Olympics posters was down to airbrushing.
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  8. Another smackhead then
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  9. Can't we send all the Somalians in London back to have a nice talk with them?

    What happened to that couple which was taken on a surprise holiday excursion? I remember the husband had an unfortunate accident with a machine gun. I bet his wife's ******** must be about the size of a dinner plate by now. Lucky tart, I bet she's loving it.
  10. Gunboat up the Yangtze River is whats needed, at least thats what my Grandfather did. ( CPO Guns RN).
  11. I trust the Navigator got sacked.
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  12. All pre-operation training will take part in Grangetown, Cardiff.
    Due to the high density of the dusky, skinny rapists.
  13. Fixed that for you.
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  14. Is this the "Scramble for Africa" mark II?

  15. I'm putting my money on Kazakhstan.