Britains hardest copper

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Blogg, Dec 5, 2008.

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  1. Any Tattoo that is racist or could be seen as offensive by anyone. A few flowers around your biceps is not going to cause much offence to anyone.
  2. Britain's hardest copper is the one penny piece. It has survived inflation, outlived the half pee and despite being worthless on it's own, continues optimistically to cast mocking looks upon the Eurocent. Long live the one p
  3. No there is one in Bridgwater in Somerset who is an ex bootneck...he has a tattoo on his fcuking head how hard is that!!! Mind you they all have tattoos in Bridgewater Nick, even those that do not have them yet are getting them..strange place!!!

    He was once upon a time part of the ICF I Fink yah cannnts!!! He is also a mate of Ray Winstone, who has to be the hardest bsatard to appear in Eastenders I fink?

    He once done the Bare Knuckle Fist fighting Champion of the State of Alabama to earn a few bob. Mind you I have it on god authority, he was unaware that matey was the Champion at the time!

    Anyway this copper is so fcuking hard he apparently runs the London Marathon in West Ham Utd socks not sure about trainers, which must have the effect of being like sandpaper after the first mile.

    He has to Britains hardest copper.

    I for one would not shout " Oihh PIGGGGGGGGGG!!!"
  4. Fairs dos, Blogg, but I reckon it's a fückin' brave superior who's gonna step up and grip him for it. Would you? I mean, look at the size of him.

    And don't forget, for competitions he "slims down" to 17-and-a-half stone!

  5. Wasn't Geof Capes a copper, that bloke looks like a steroids overdose
  6. He's been in the OB for 22 years, the style of tattoo is quite modern, so he's obviously had them done in the past few years. It is more than likely that when he joined, given that the entry restrictions were more stringent, that he didn't join up with any at all. They can be as fussy as they like when you are after the job. One you're in, there are certain things that you can get away with, just as long as you don't kick the arrse out of it.
  7. [​IMG]

    Is it just me or does anyone else think this chap looks like a Chippendale style gay, David Beckham lookalike?



    ...but I'm sure he's not really.

    :D :D :D :D :D :D
  8. cf:

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  9. Is he really the "hardest" copper though?

    Body size is one thing but it does not neccesarily follow that he is any tougher? I knew one BBuilder who was a soft as shite, big bloke yes, but he got thumped once in an argument and he went out like the proverbial and ending up crying on the pavment.

    I have met plenty of coppers who were scarier and I guarantee a damn site tougher. They didn't look all that either which was even scarier!!
  10. Fair point Pronto. I am a scrawny git and my best mate is something of a bodybuilder. Once I mentioned that regardless of all his toned muscles I would have him on the floor with one well-placed knee to the groin. In all fairness his reply was " I'd never let you get that close". How many of our dear law enforcers are that savvy?
  11. All hail The Sweeney.........

    Der der der, der der der, da da da da da, der der der


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  12. C'mon, Pronto_Mike! This geezer's Old Bill, six-foot-three and if he's not "slimmed down" to his competition weight of 17½ stone, he's going to be around the 19 stone mark.

    Are you really saying you fancy your chances against him? If I came out of a pub and was confronted with your man, I would fückin' shit meself!

  13. I never realised that Dennis Waterman was German? Did he lose an 'n' somewhere along with his teeth?