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Britain's Got Tatent!

It may have some talent but we definitely have got an economic underclass that couldn't recognise talent if it run up and bit them on the arrse. The only good news is that twat Cowell has to try and sell this act to make some money.


It would be really nice to see Pudsey piss all up Cowell's smarmy trouser leg. Just as an encore.
At the end of that clip Cowell opens his shirt to show his coir matting & has that look in his eye as if to say "I'm going to shag that"....

Poor feckin' dog.
What the fuck are you lot bothering about that load of shite for? If you're that bored go for a run or do press ups.

Is this what allowing gays in the Army has brought us?

Ooh did anyone see Changing Rooms last night?


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