Britain's Got Tatent!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, May 13, 2012.

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  1. Seems it's a dog called Pudsey.
  2. Wots 'tatent'?
  3. Wot Pudsey's got. Pay attention...
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  4. And the world now knows what many suspect - that the talent of Britain is more likely to be running around on four legs!
  5. No it hasn't.
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  6. Clearly not, if this is the best we can come up with.
  7. In the words of the great philosopher Meatloaf:

    You Took The Words Right Outta My Mouth.

    I'd ask darling Snail to post a link but I suspect she's closely inspecting the pillows.

    No. Not my pillows. You filth.
  8. It may have some talent but we definitely have got an economic underclass that couldn't recognise talent if it run up and bit them on the arrse. The only good news is that twat Cowell has to try and sell this act to make some money.
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  9. Pavlovian Conditioning, I think you'll find, and it would work for me, too.
  10. did i miss anything?
  11. Other than school, no. ;-)
  12. I'd pump that Dixon creature to see her talents the cheeky little minx. As for Holden.............
  13. Unfortunately it looks like he will add another few million to his portfolio.

    Ashleigh And Pudsey Heading For Hollywood? | Britain's Got Talent | News | MTV UK