Britains got Talent - Who would YOU enter?

Ok...Carte blanche to enter anyone you like in this (virtual) competition....

I'd go for Peter Sutcliffe playing 'Stairway to Heaven' on four prostitutes with 2 hammers....

Any other ideas?
The bloke who can be found in any NAAFI Bar who can fit £15 in pound coins inside his foreskin.

And you thought that Pol Pot (or whatever his name was), the snaggle-toothed mobile phone salesman from Port Talbot, got Amanda Holden wetter than Rod Hull's roof...
We can put together an acapella group for the next time this runs.

46 ARRSErs dressed as Edwardian dentists to sing "he's a cnut, he's a cnut" at Piers Moron for 3 minutes.
monkey104 said:
What about jade goody? or any of the other f*ckwits from big brother... they are all talented. Are'nt they??
I can see it now.....

'Jade Goody and her mystical greasy kebab'......

Cos its a mystery why someone stuffed one up her...
Any of the squaddie idiots who keep filming themselves on tour singing and dancing to a popular tune.
It was funny the first time but now unless theres nudity its shit.........

A navy officer presenting the weather (especially around Iran)

The navy operatic society singing "what shall we do with the missing sailors"

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