Britains got Talent - Who would YOU enter?

Ok...Carte blanche to enter anyone you like in this (virtual) competition....

I'd go for Peter Sutcliffe playing 'Stairway to Heaven' on four prostitutes with 2 hammers....

Any other ideas?
The bloke who can be found in any NAAFI Bar who can fit £15 in pound coins inside his foreskin.

And you thought that Pol Pot (or whatever his name was), the snaggle-toothed mobile phone salesman from Port Talbot, got Amanda Holden wetter than Rod Hull's roof...
Cherie Bliar - biggest Gob on the planet or

The bloke in the NAAFI who can drink a pint of beer whilst standing on his head!


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Harold Shipman? Oh, no, he's got no talent, he got caught and now he's dead . . . back in a minute


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Morty said:
I'd enter my missus again :wink:

She's quite talented :D :D :D
I wouldn't mind entering your missus again, either. She's not bad at all.
Well, we've missed our chance. Gordon's hoovered all the talents for his Cabinet.

monkey104 said:
What about jade goody? or any of the other f*ckwits from big brother... they are all talented. Are'nt they??
I can see it now.....

'Jade Goody and her mystical greasy kebab'......

Cos its a mystery why someone stuffed one up her...
Any of the squaddie idiots who keep filming themselves on tour singing and dancing to a popular tune.
It was funny the first time but now unless theres nudity its shit.........

A navy officer presenting the weather (especially around Iran)

The navy operatic society singing "what shall we do with the missing sailors"
Boris Johnston. He'll be on the lookout for a job, soon.

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