Britains got talent: Flawless; No2 jackets - Outrageous or?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by ReadySalted, May 26, 2009.

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  1. Was sat here tonight flicking through TV when I saw Britain's got talent was on. I've never watched it before but saw it last night, and thought that dogging bird was quite a good singer so put it on earlier wondering if she'd be on. But instead I turn it on to a group of 'rrrrruuuuuuuddde boiiiiis', sat in number 2 jackets, shirts and ties, with the rank of a corporal on their shoulders.
    Personally this anoyed me since they're prancing about without realising (and in a sense, being disrespectful to), the uniform that is granted to soldiers who have earnt the right to wear it. However we look at it; that's the queens uniform. The same uniform we wore on our passing out parades, wear to funerals and weddings, and wear on rememberance day when we remember those who died in it.

    If you want to see then there's a link to it here:

    I'm wouldn't say I'm outraged, but it does p1ss me off a little. I don't understand where ITV draws the line on this kind of thing.

    Opinions chaps?
  2. Just watched that video, and it shows the whole of their silly little dance; which is particularly painful at 1:01, when they do a horrible salute.
  3. haha yeh i thought that was a little..."cheesy"

    i hate that show
  4. It seems that No. 2 jackets are quite the fashion statement, which seems a little odd, considering so many student-y types are anti-war.

    There was some twunt in Hollyoaks prancing about in full cs95, with the lightweight jacket not tucked in, and a full on beard.

    I blame it on society not respecting anything much these days.
  5. Get over yourselves - has no member of the armed forces ever worn the uniform of another profession? They weren't trying to pass themselves off as soldiers.
  6. Only watched it to see the novel placing of the chevrons :roll:

    ... and since when were No.2 Dress ties black?

    As they weren't wearing collar dogs or medal ribbons, you'll have to get somebody else to authorise a journey for the Outrage Bus.
  7. Sarcasm mode on: From the moment they walked on stage I was convinced they were real soldiers and now I find out they are Walts....... they had me fooled....... Sarcasm mode off.
  8. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Hardly a concern, nurses uniforms, french waitresses and so on might be insulting to those members of the caring or serving community but I'm a big fan.



    Besides, surely its better that the military is at least acknowledged to exist rather than brushed under the carpet never to be mentioned as appears to be my memory of of the 70's, 80's and 90's (with a brief exception around 1982 and possibly 1990).
  9. Worse than that! You can't go out round here without a bunch of RM trying to pass themselves off as women.

    Bloody walts.

  10. There were two with WO2 badges on and one even even had wings as well. But who cares? I said to Mrs Fox as soon as they came on stage that someone would be on ARRSE moaning about them pretending to be soldiers within seconds. She said they wouldnt but Ready Salted well done for not letting me down.

    As said above, they werent wearing medals, ribbons, collar dogs, black and nasty over their eyes etc...

    In the words of John J Rambo: Let it go, Let it go!
  11. F uck here we go again, yet another outraged lunatic kicking off about civvies in No2 jackets. Why don't you write to OFFCOM likec that other t wat did on here a while ago and give us all a laugh?

    Get over yourself you silly b astard.
  12. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    You sound like my old man in the 60's when people started wearing old military jackets and crap. Change the bag and relax man. Or turn over/off. Far to many on arrse seem to watch this bag of poo, bring back Crossroads. Lets have something real to take the pee out off.
  13. Thanks for that Benny! :wink:
  14. If you don't like those not serving wearing uniform items, FFS don't ever go to camden on a saturday or you'll have a heart attack...Surely theres bigger problems in the world to worry about then some student cutting about in No2s? And its not exctly new is it? The libertines were rocking that look 9-10 years ago...
  15. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Afternoons in Tidworth watching the scenery shift whilst changing your nappy - happy days.
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