Britain's Got REAL Talent

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by k13eod, Sep 15, 2012.

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  1. Inspired by two recent Blues festivals that I have attended, I feel compelled to start a thread! Rather than sit on your bum watching the stage managed, mind numbing TV shows featuring the bewildering fame seeking crop of talent-less balloons on offer, why not get your nose into your local rag, find some real bands, buy tickets and support them. There is simply a mass of unsung or little heard of artistes and bands out there that need your support. Any recommendations here please!

    For me last nights opening to the Shetland Blues Festival was excellent with the pick of the crop being The Krissy Mathews Band. OK, you could ague that being Anglo-Norwegian he might not be entirely eligible for BG(Real)T, but what a phenomenal guitar player:


    And right up there with Krissy, from the Blues On The Green festival in sleepy Berkshire I had the privilege of watching The Ben Poole Band. I don't like the word ... but awesome:


    Check them both out on YouTube, find a gig, go see!

    Who's your recommendations?
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  2. Not up-and-coming, been around for a long time, but with regard to "talent":

    Went to Appleby Jazz Festival some years ago, invited by my then boss. He mentioned he was looking forward to the performance of some guy, Art Themen. Anyways eventually up pops this gadgie, who, and despite jazz being by no means my thing, delivers what even the most unknowing could only describe as a brilliant, inspiring virtuoso performance. I raise my voice over the rapturous applause to tell the boss as much, and added that it must be excellent indeed to be able to make a living out of being that good at doing something you love. "Oh no" says the boss, "that's not his proper job, by day he's a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon".

    The talented ****.
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  3. The Upstairs Bar on any given Wednesday night is full of talent. Fanny's not bad either.
  4. A Yorkshire band, 'ForwardRussia' are reforming, quality band.
  5. Yeah we have real talent. Poole Quay last year. Shame about the sound quality.

    The Dolmen - YouTube
  6. For those in the sarf, especially sarf London, you should try and catch any band with Steve Simpson in the line-up, i.e. Meal Ticket, Chuck Farley Band, Good Men in the Jungle or Slim Chance. Some real experienced session men play in these bands and they never disappoint. Mostly blues/soft rock with some country and folk thrown in. I would post a video if I wasn't such a biffer.
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  7. Especially when theres a big sailing boat full of Scandinavian flange in port.
  8. 'Sherman', an unbelievably spot on Jam tribute act with a few of their own thrown in.
  9. If you follow the link he mentions working with King Creosote and the Fence Collective - Kenny Anderson, mad Fifer genius is King Creosote and has written some fine stuff. I loved the Skuobhie Dubh Orchestra back in the day for top modern fiddle.
  10. Agree with that. Also, brand new entertainments centre in Lerwick now:


    Contractors were only a year late bringing it in!