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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by codbutt, Aug 4, 2009.

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  1. Having read the article I see the point he's making, but wonder if he's overstating the case. Yes, we're going to emerge from this recession weaker than we entered it. In the longer term, however, the fundamentals of British power remain the same- a strong, open, economy which will recover in time; wide-ranging global interests; a seat on the UNSCR; nuclear weapons; forces tailored for expeditionary war; and most importantly a globalised outlook on the world.

    Equally, we've been here before. After Suez, and in the 1970s when we became the Sick Man of Europe. There's a natural tendency to accentuate the positives in the good times, and overstate the bad when things get tough. England prevails ;-)

    What the article does focus the mind on, however, is the damage that this Government have done to the UK in the last 12 years. They sold us up the river based on a naive belief that they could do what no other previous government could do, and buck the economic cycle. They used that naive, arrogant assumption as the justification for spending ever more of our money, whilst doing nothing to tackle real underlying social ills, and engaging in political grandstanding at home and abroad.

    And now the whole damn thing is falling down, and the bastards are taking us with them.

    We'll come back from this. Thank God Gordon won't.
  2. Oh and the writer of the article is a total bellend

    "immigration was enriching the country"

    do one you multi-culturist pig.
  3. "… immigration was enriching the country,…"


    The only thing Immigration was 'enriching' was all the thieving Romas and other turd world dross coining it on our Benefits system they never paid a penny into!
  4. Please....Don't hold back ! :)

    One thing. Why is it the rest of Europe can f**k these turds off at the High port and We have to take them?

    99.99% of these turds are just scum, yet we have to pay for them? F**k that!
  5. Quite right. I do not buy into the arguement of "we're losing our status, so lets accelerate it"

    We *can* afford to punch above our weight - its just that the current government wants to spend our money on pointless Quangos and Public Sector non-jobs

  6. I wouldn't mind so much if it was on non-jobs. What grips my arse is the huge ammount of money they are paying people not to do ANY job at all. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  7. I'll agree with the first bit, not sure about the Switzerland non-entity bit - there seems to be plenty to admire.

    Seems a lot of Times articles are like this for some reason given the editorial leanings of the paper. I remember a serious article (pre 2001) stating the future of men was in doubt because all they were good for was fighting wars and there hadn't been a major war since 1945. For me, this undermined its credibility.

    Besides, this bloke hailed "Cool Britannia" as indicative of "Great" Britain - 1996 - Blur, the Spice Girls...say no more

  8. I spend a lot of time in Switzerland. We could do a lot worse than follow their lead on many things. Very low crime, superb lifestyle, high standard of living, everything works, very clean, great civic pride.
  9. And terminally dull.
  10. Yeah, it's fvcking grim being able to leave my car outside with stuff on the seat knowing some chav cvnt won't break into it, or get on a train that's clean and not overrun with scum looking to rob me, or going for a walk into town in the evening and not having to avoid all the drunks and pools of vomit, or seeing plenty of Police walking around the area on foot keeping an eye on things and stopping to chat with the locals to see if everthings OK unlike our all but invisible Police.

    Those are some of the things in not so dull Britain I can do without.
  11. subjective surely?
  12. It's not "my attitude" - actually, I regret the way things are going. I just think what he's predicting will, indeed, happen.
  13. Last time I ws in Geneva I was warned about pickpockets etc near the Bahnhof. And the warning wasn't about Swiss tea leafs - seems they had to import them :evil: