Britains Fattest man has a bit of a motoring accident on his wheelchair.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Abdiel, Jul 3, 2011.

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  1. The dirty ugly fat cunt. A bolt gun and pithing should sort the fat cry baby. Obeastity it's just wrong.
  2. Render the fat shite into soap and give it to A.K. to wash his greasy, lank, spunk crusted hair. Smash all his teeth to dust and polish the Queen mothers tomb with it.
  3. Fucking fat cunt
  4. Turn its hide into an airship, call it HMA Creosote.
  5. People like that make me sick. Total waste of space etc. he should be put on a starvation diet and made to lose weight that way, and should be made to pay back the 1 million he has cost the tax payer.
  6. Its not often I say this but I do hope the fat cnut dies quickly. He ate 20,000 calories a day and is trying to sue the NHS FFS. The word parasite is inadequate to describe this waste of oxygen.
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  7. what he said.

    the fat cunt
  8. Why all the hate? Surely we all love a jolly fat man?

    Fat Cunt
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  9. I have no trouble with fat cnuts as long as:

    1. They have a job, or at least a source of private income to support themselves.
    2. They wash occasionally
    3. They dont whine about how hard it is being fat and how its not their fault.
    4. They dont insist on expensive NHS treatment.
    5. They dont try to sue the NHS for "not helping them enough".
  10. Another piece of litigation on the way; fat cunt using fat cat cunty lawyers so both can feed their cuntish vices. CUNTS!
  11. I expect it wont be long before "fat cunt" on this forum is near the top of google rankings, good work
  12. How long until a certain shitbag from The Guardian posts once again how we are nasty people for mocking this fat cunt.
  13. Quite amazed they didn't have to send for one of these to get the fat bastard out of the ditch

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  14. Because this would have happened.


    Edit: The fat cunt.
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