Britains Ethnic Minorities To Get New Names

Britain's ethnic minority communities might be given new names in an effort to strengthen their ties to this country.Home Office minister Hazel Blears is to ask minority communities whether they would prefer to be known by US-style terms such as Pakistani-British, rather than simply 'Asians'.The idea is one of a set of proposals to be floated at meetings that Ms Blears is holding around the country to discuss how to steer young Muslims away from radicalism.
FFS, this will stop muslims becoming terrorists.....not :roll:

Link to moron Blears proposal..what a stupid bitch
The Caribbean Cricket team is called "The West Indies"

Black-British (FFS) people are happy to be referred to as "of West Indian descent" . Older West Indians still refer to home as being in the "British West Indies"

West Indians are either West Indian or British. Not Black-British , not African-British as any West Indian will tell you, he doesn't want to be associated in the same 'racial pigeonhole' as a Nigerian or Somalian.

Try referring to Indians as 'Indian-British' and wait out for the backlash. Once again, they prefer to be known as Indians or British.

This is needless. Oh I forgot, it's not, because once again, to appease the gobby Pakistani population , we have to bring in another needless set of terms of reference,because a large lump of the Pakistani caucas refuses to refer to itself as British in solus.

How about 'Ginger Witch-British" , while we're busy re-classifying by racial stereotype? But I guess she can't see these proposed terms of reference cause a larger racial divide?
it has been brought to the attention of the equal opportunities underwear board that certain people in the community are referred to as RAG-HEADS. This actually not a rag but a little sheet therefore do the rightful and call them little dheet heads
Hmmm, Maybe I should start thinking of myself as "Half Scots, part Irish, part Welsh but with a bit of Arab Tar Brush thrown in, also happily married to an Englishman" Wow, that SO helps me identify with my "British" heritage.....
ironrations said:
Pakistani-British names?

Hmm so like, Mohamed Bakri-Jones?
Funny thing is that many Indians who converted under the Raj did change their names to more english sounding names. I think many Asian Christian in Britain still carry on that tradition, so you can meet Indians/Pakistanis with rather tradtional names: e.g. George Felix, S.M Burke etc


How about integration before identification?
Behave, conform, accept our rules and your responsibilities, THEN you can qualify for rights and privileges, such as the title "Citizen" (in the Judge Dredd manner).
Gareth Keenan said:
I'm quite cosmopolitan me. My dads a bit old fashioned, he says blacks, whereas I call em coloureds.....
So why is it racist to say Black or so on but "Europeans" are refered to as "Whites" so often. (eg) White farmers in (Insert random African Country) are all bad(Quote BBC).


Kit Reviewer
Pielover said:
Why not simplify things - White-British, Brown-British and Ginger-British?
No, no, no! And thrice more NO. Let us all stop this PC mullarkey right now.
Simply call everyone blue

Sky blue
Royal blue
Navy (spits) blue
Hmm, I thought my remarks were a little risque. So cheers! Just call everyone Dave, perhaps that would work.
Wtached the BBC news about this. It left me spitting, the comments thier ethnic representatives came out with was not just banal but insulting to all of us. In particular "I was born in England but my home is India". Rant, Rant then fcuk of back there then.

I was born in Hong Kong that makes me Chinese British if you are willing to follow thier logic. Ah, I'm a minority, can I claim special needs then.....

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