Britain's Criminal Bankers are bleating again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cernunnos, Dec 12, 2012.

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  1. This will cost us all a lot of money, as the money grubbing banks try and recoup their losses from the domestic banking market:

    Has America got it in for British banks? - Telegraph

    ....and they thought the transaction visibility rules brought in post 911 were to tackle the terrorists.........I think we should hang a few bankers from time to time, to buck the others up!
  2. The Americans jail crooked bankers, we make hem Peers in return for generous donations to political parties.
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  3. Which Peers? Pray tell.
  4. For all their faults, the Icelandic Government had the right idea when they let some, or all, their failing banks go to the wall. I remember reading the articles in the press about Icelandic banks and companies buying up Brit companies and thought it strange. When I read that their banks were offering higher interest rates than our I thought it stranger still.

    Let's be honest, most of us felt warm glow inside when we saw the pictures on TV showing the young, eager, thrusting former employees of Lehman Brothers carrying their cardboard boxes out of their offices just before Christmas 2008. I don't recall having the same glow of satisfaction when the government let Farepack Christmas Hampers go under and lot of not well off people lost their Christmas treats.

    When the Royal Navy thought that Admiral Byng had "failed to do his utmost" in the defence of Fort St philip, they Court Martialed him and he was shot. It certainly concentrated the minds of RN officers.

    If the Bank of England had allowed Northern Rock to go under they would have sent a message and maybe those banks that were more casino than banks would have gone the way of the dodo. I know that RBS and others were too deeply in the mire but hey shit happens and they should have gone under.
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  5. It's the same deal with greece and the Euro zone, instead of facing the problem and calling in the receivers we'll use smoke, trapdoors and mirrors and hope the problems dissapear! Well they are still there and the governments are all failing in their responsibility to the electorate for not sticking the boot into the banks.

    The American government is sticking the boot into foreign banks, but their own house is far from in order, they like to spread the blame beyond their borders, more smoke and mirrors, nothing more.
  6. It would be interesting to see ARRSEs Banker give his take on this. Inside track so to speak.

    You won't catch him to hang him, he's got a Ferrari.
  7. A nation thats twice the size of brighton had no option it could never ever cover the debts.
    Northern rock was the first proper british bank to fail in over a hundred years that rather panics goverment you really dont have time to make considered aproaches.
    Prop it up piss a load of tax payers money away
    Dont it fails and the next weaker bank goes and that continues and your heading for argentina like situations ouch:(
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Former HSBC CEO Lord Green for starters, Lord Stevenson of HBOS, Lord Rothschild, Lord Freud, Lord Neuberger...
  9. And naturally it was nothing to do with amongst other things that a number of Labour MP's were funding their allegedly rather suspect property portfolios with loans from Northern Cockup - allegedly.
    It should have been allowed to go under.
  10. Has he? Ive never heard him mention it!!
  11. Northern Rock - the bank that keeps on giving
    BBC News - Northern Rock will repay £270m to loan customers
  12. Well they were in the lead of pushing home loans to all and sundry:(.
    As loylds and bank of alcholic salad dodging whingers had to be rescued its a moot point :(
  13. Don`t you just love the quaint old fashioned British names of the characters that have been allowed to run British financial institutions.
  14. We should jail the failed bankers, and not in UK cushy jails, as it costs too much. We can offshore them to cheaper places like Belize, Khazakstan, Angola, Papua New Guinea, Somalia.
  15. I'm sure we can find somewhere more appropriate...